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  1. Is there a way to find out what loot table a specific building is using on the vanilla map?
  2. So, for example, lets say I wanted every counter in a Fossoil station to spawn a pistol 100% of the time. I changed the value for "Pistol" in the Distributions Lua for Fossoil Counters to 100, but it didn't do anything. Edit: since I can't delete this post, the answer to my problem was that the Fossoil stations use "gasstore" for loot, not "fossoil"
  3. Love the game. There is currently an intense focus on multiplayer, which makes sense. Multiplayer will be fantastic for this game. However, the modding leaves a lot to be desired. I tried dipping my toe into the modding, and Blackbeard made some amazing tutorials for map building, but the Lua side is really barren. It's hard to know what you can and can't accomplish without, for example, a list of events, or things you can trigger. For example, I wanted to know if you could get zombies to spawn by flicking a switch, but trying to answer that took a crazy amount of digging and
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