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  1. after finding more of these houses I realized I was the idiot for not seeing that the "1st story" was really just the adjacent room. Sorry for subjecting you to my stupidity!
  2. it also allows you to keep sleeping over and over as you click yes on the boxes
  3. You can keep clicking "sleep" on a bed and populate more and more boxes instead of a new box appearing at last cursor position like in many games. When you do click on one of the many boxes they are still present when you wake up.
  4. I don't understand it because the house is one story from the outside. But once you go in that room it all of a sudden has you on the second floor? If its intended to be that way then my bad it just doesnt make much sense
  5. I know it isn't a second story, if you stand outside the home that brown room is level with the pavement not on the second floor like it would have you believe.
  6. M1911 Pistol is set to GANGSTER MODE when equipped as a secondary.
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