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    illness95 reacted to duke in Got bitten after jumping over a fence because my character could not position the right way to hit a zombie   
    I'm angry. As the tittle sais, that is what happened, and it's been a variation of that what has killed me over last years of runs, missing to hit to the zombie or the proper one. I've been playing zomboid for years now, I know that you have dealt with these kind of issues but I think it is not enough, and it should be a priority. I'm not happy with the road you've taken, making the game look better and focusing on mp, leaving the lore behind,  still, that's your decision. But having these kind of issues, which ends your run is unacceptable after all of these years.   
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    illness95 got a reaction from Faalagorn in Minor changes to items usages   
    What about adding the possibility to throw rocks to windows or to cars to attract the zombies there?
    Same thing with glass bottles throwing them on hard surfaces.
    Good suggestions by the way.
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