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  1. It turned out to be fixed. I have done several experiments. Version 41.5 remained on Steam, even after reinstallations. I decided to go the other way and run the .exe file of the game from the folder itself. The most amazing thing is that everything started and the spawn points began to be displayed, while there were no errors. After that I tried to run the start button in steam and again - the error of the spawn points. Output. I do not know what exactly, but when launched with a button in Steam, it creates this error. By the way, I have not installed any additional launch functions (-debug
  2. I will repeat myself. I tested initially two mods on version 41.50, even when I used only 1 mod. On version 39 to 40.30, the template mod, as well as other modifications related to the addition of a spawn point (a random spawn location, another city, etc.), everything works. At 41.50 it no longer works. If required, I can run on versions 40.30, 39 and throw off the logs, if it can help with my problem.
  3. My collection mods https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2404603789 While checking, I turned off all mods except raven creek and template. The rest of the mods from the list remained only in subscriptions and were not activated. Even after unsubscribing from all modifications and leaving only template, a similar error continues. 22-02-21_20-16-06_DebugLog.txt
  4. Good day, I apologize in advance for all the stylistic mistakes in the text. This text was translated with the help of a translator. Build version 41.50. Found an issue in any mod adding new cities and maps, unable to select map data in the start menu for selecting spawn points. In the game itself, these cities appear and work stably. Everything works fine on the stable version of the game. Tried reinstalling mods. Deleted a folder along the way "\\Users\username\zomboid". Completely reinstalled the game, however nothing helped. Can anyone tell me what to do in this case. The check was ca
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