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  1. well if you have any qestions im happy to answer maybe this is a sytem issue
  2. thanks the work around works but I hope this bug can be fixed in the future. But I need to ask if anyone has reported this problem or im the first.?
  3. So i bought this game about a week ago played it has fun downloaded a few simple steam workshop mods had fun died. I decided to try and play with a user made map. errors. I tried to start a file with just the map mod enabled. errors. tried a different mod. errors. every map mod that added a new world just flat out would not work. I sent my error logs to a more savvy player and he told me that my game was basically freaking the heck out because it couldn't find the .lua files for spawn points. well those same files that my game could not find where indeed there. Ive tried reinstalling mods then
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