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  1. Hi I tried to adjust the mapping of the config file according to the driver but didn't really seem to effect anything. The controller responds but all the buttons were jumbled up around helplessly. Thought I could at least change most buttons but didn't see any difference. Understand this is new stuff but just wondering if anyone else had any info on getting a 360 controller to work on mac? Maybe I did something wrong just renaming and replacing my edited text file to replace the config? Thanks!
  2. Hello I've been playing on build 40 mp and build 41 back and forth no problem but tonight I tried to play with some people and kept crashing even at launch, even though I made it into servers sometimes. different crash codes different times on mac. Tried all the verifies and uninstalls I could think of, no mods, lowest settings, has been running fine all week. Not sure what information to provide but thanks for the help!
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