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  1. Glad to have you Badgzerz. I'll DM you closer to release.
  2. Thank you for your interest in our server, Dresden. Even if you are colonial filth we welcome a fellow Foxhole player with open arms. Your spawn location seems fine just keep in mind most people will be allocated to the East. I'll DM you closer to release, until then ill look for you on the field.
  3. Hello fellow survivors! I am Avitus Andastate of the emperors own 82DK, we are a Warhammer 40k imperial guard clan that currently plays the game "Foxhole" on steam. We are a large community of over 1000 that prides itself on on our organisational capability and rank structure. We are not a Mil-Sim clan but we do incorporate elements of it to ensure smooth chain of command. Although the game foxhole is what we consider our main game but we do have two discords. The first discord is our official server for our main game however our second is for playing a variety of games such as
  4. Hello fellow survivors! Myself and my clan known as 82DK or the 82nd Dread Korps, having played the game "Foxhole" for three/four years have been looking for another game to sink our teeth into. Out of the many we have tried Project Zomboid always ranked on top. Sadly we didn't believe the game had the polish to entertain us long term. With build 41 we believe that problem to have been fixed. I would like to announce that after build 41 becomes available to multiplayer my clan intends to host the largest server we can with the intention of both playing the game and
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