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  1. Thank you. yeah turning the reduced color mode on works wonders. i 'even' use mods. it all runs on 32 but who can tell the difference really? compatibility mode for windows 8 is on too.. dunno if it helps but it seemed to stabilize a little. i hope anyone with the same technical issues will find this solution useful. Also maybe the devs can implement this solution somehow if it is universal. take care!
  2. sorry but i cant figure out how to send my crash file over pastebin ps. ps. i figured it out.. i think but it says file size exceeds 512kb and can't create the paste unless i'm a member ps3. another edit: i just enabled "reduced color mode" and it seems to work fine so far
  3. I wish b41 was more stable and accesible for low end tech. Have i got a software issue or is my hardware at fault? Or neither and the game just has the issues? Can someone take my console.txt and help me figure out whether or not i can play b41 or not?
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