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  1. I was just looting and rearranging my inventory/trunk space. It seemed to only happen if I dropped the bag when it was equipped to my back but I'm not 100% on that.
  2. At the time was using britas weapon pack and filibusters used cars, And it happened twice then I stopped cause I didn't want to break my save as it was my first time finding and looting the gun store lol. I can update back when i get a little more time to do some bag dropping. Not sure if it makes a difference but it was with the large backpack. (not the military one)
  3. So playing on 41.50 on 32-bit if I drop a backpack from my back it dupes the bag with all the items. It lets me clean out the duped bag but the bag remains on the ground and is un-interactable so its just kind of stuck there.
  4. Zombies seem to be back! Just did a quick drive through rosewood and they are back in groups! (some areas seem devoid but I figured they would eventually migrate around and fill empty spots) Haven't had a chance to check any interiors. Will update back if they seem to find the void again. Thanks again devs!
  5. I will check up when i get off of work for sure and get back to you! Will this re-add zombies to maps they disappeared from or should i start a complete new file? Thanks again for the quick fix. New player here but indie stone has defiantly earned a longtime fan in me!
  6. Wow that's awesome! Much appreciated! I cant wait to keep playing! Keep up the great work! I guess I also forgot to mention this problem was in the other game modes as well, sandbox etc..
  7. Same issue. I had a steam update for PZ and run the 32-bit version, after steam updated my game last night the zombie spawns where abysmal. As in I went through muldraugh shooting a shotgun and only pulled 1 zombie in the entire town. Same issue in rosewood. Was playing with filibusters used car mods thought it may have been the issue but reinstalling and starting a completely new file did not help either. Hopefully can get back to slaying some zomboids soon! Side note: I LOVE THIS FREAKING GAME!
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