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  1. Nevermind this post (can't seem to delete it, please do if you can) I was actually driving in the dark for so long, I drove past where I thought I was going, and REALLY hit the end of the map. >____<
  2. Hey guys, i just came upon this bug, and am unsure how to fix it. It seems like a fairly large chunk of the map will not load ( i was a bit past the bridge east of west point) I stayed aroudn it fora while, as it has happened to be before that a chunk took a while to load, but it did not this time. I am not using any mod that modify the map (just a few vechicules mod & weapon mod compatibile with build 41) The chunk will simply not load, the game is stable otherwise, I did not get any crash other than the random red error code in the bottom right of the screen (does not seems to have any impact on the game when they happen) Any idea how to fix this?
  3. This mod looks really awesome. Is there a spreadsheet with the weapon stats, or is this a cosmetic mod?
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