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  1. Ok so i found the problem. Just needed to plug my monitor into my graphic card instead of the motherboard. (Steam PZ discussions saved me this time) Thanks for help If anyone have the same problem maybe this will help https://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/1/3078747189790530345/#c3075370188234504318 this is where i found the answer for my problem
  2. So like i said everything is Up to date but still i gave it a try and nothing still the problem remains
  3. Nope it didnt work so im open for other ideas how to repair it.
  4. The problem is i did update card drivers from official AMD site and i dont have intergrated card. (i just checked if i do)
  5. So i tried to play PZ after a long brake and the game doesn't work anymore and i have my windows up to date and the graphic drivers up to date too. I've seen pretty similiar question on the forum but it didn't help too much. GPU - Radeon RX 480 Graphics Procesor CPU - Intel core i5-4460 RAM - 8 GB. System - Windows 10 64 bit
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