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  1. Not at all, just added the bit about planks for fire boards as a balance issue fix, if changing that doors drop scrap wood and sturdy sticks instead of planks, so that the whole issue of having to find a saw first doesn't become the preventing measure. I think the whole point of this post has gone past you though, there needs to be an easier way of crafting fire primitively, as the current fireboard and sturdy stick feels like skipped content, and avoided, as generally by the time you have a saw, you would have many lighters or matches. This isn't a thing about trying to create more plank
  2. Issue: I enjoy playing 6 months later and Apocalypse, occasionally even CD DA, and well, getting a lighter/matches or even a saw from the first house before getting overwhelmed in 2 minutes from a zombie hearing your footsteps isn't too feasible, and running out into the woods being chased by 30,000,000,000 zomboids without any fire starting will leave you a bit cold/hungry/unhappy/in the dark in no time. I love the difficulty, and how impossible it is to really get back into cities once you've left, let alone main roads and pockets which surround houses out of the way. With the fact you can g
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