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  1. Washing yourself consumes exactly 10 times more water than it displays. Nothing else to explain, the issue is so simple as it is. Maybe someone accidentally added an unintentional "0" behind the code?
  2. Thank you for the reply. I am using performance grade for every parts of cossette. And I also have 2 vehicles, the other one is a heavy duty to move supplies. That cossette in the garage is for the scout purpose. I know it is not the most 'survival efficient' but it looks so beautiful not to drive XD. As long as I run it for light reconnaissance, it still does its job fine, I guess. For the heavy duty honestly, I don't really concern about it's maintenance issue because, as you said, parts for heavy duties are relatively abundant. I knew performance parts degrade slower than other
  3. Not short supplied of vehicle parts for now, but I honestly I never made a long surviving so I'm not sure how fast I would run out of vehicle parts on the world. Vehicle parts never respawn, right? And sports vehicle parts are even more rare...
  4. The screenshots below show my car conditions after a short trip to refill gas After only few in-game hours of driving, I found that the the vehicle part's deterioration is pretty quick. And of course I hit nothing on the way. It is only a slight degradation above but I'm afraid 1-3% condition loss after every short trip like this will make my vehicle degrade pretty fast, since I am living in a rural area and need to drive my vehicle every time I go out to take things. Obviously tires, brakes and suspensions degrade faster than other parts. Those p
  5. Oh, okay, I thought those two forums are running independently.
  6. On build 41.48, the only mod in use is the display bar hud. I thought I was missing something in the first time, but now I am pretty sure it is a glitch. The blood stains on vehicle windows after any zombie hit the window, are permanent. If you try to use "Wash Vehicle" function on a blood shed car, you can see your character wash all the blood stains away but still leaves the stain on the windows(the character actually never tries to wash the stains on the window). Repairing(cheat), reinstalling, swapping windows doesn't remove the stain, either.
  7. So, do you mean I am missing a soap? I already have water from the rain as you see on the screen shot. Other blood stains were able to be washed but only that window one doesn't get washed. +edit I tried with soap in my inventory but still didn't work
  8. How do I remove this blood stain on my vehicle? Once a zombie hits the window, it instantly leaves a blood stain in a single blow which is impossible to wash or remove. I tried reinstalling the window but the blood never goes away. Am I missing something or is this just a glitch?
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