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  1. Just thought I would give a little bit of feedback. I'm very impressed with the scope of the changes you've made to the default Zomboid character. Compared to other mods of this type the alterations are noticeable and do look like they make a real difference. But I do think there are some aesthetic features that, at least in my personal opinion, could be improved upon. Skin Shading: Ideally this should bring out the character's features and add some definition to the appearance, but I think it is a little too strong. In the screenshots provided at least, the characters
  2. Cuirassier

    Toasty Warm

    Happy to see the progress on multiplayer, looks like a big improvement on the old one!
  3. 1/2 or 1/4 speed would be pretty useful when you're in a chaotic situation and want to take a second to sort out your inventory and initiate the equipping of certain items without pausing all together. It'd also make for some interesting visuals like watching a horde slowly shamble across the road. Might be useful in driving if you want to slow down time and make a sharp turn à la Franklin from GTA V.
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