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  1. I did not verify it, but you are probably right, thx https://projectzomboid.com/blog/news/2016/05/obt/
  2. Why the trees in my map are smaller than the vanilla ones. I've tried all the colors(rules) of the vegetation map. Both tools and tiles are the latest version.
  3. I am sorry for my poor English, but I have to report it. The field of view of 50% zoom level on 4k resolution is still too large, much larger than that same zoom level on 1080p. I tried to modify the following code To I saw "s" is "...;75;50;25" with the debug mode but it didn't work, it seems that it's hard-coded in the program. Below is a 4k resolution screenshot screenshot of 50% zoom level zoomed in to the limit, with a big font MOD(You can also see the value of "s" in the lower left corner of the picture. The "11111" in the front of it is another output info without line breaks). You can see how small the characters and UI are by comparing your own game screens. by Google Translate
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    To be honest, I would rather lay in my bed or sit in my chair than drink bleach.
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