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  1. Coltello


    It appears to be evident from the blog of january 7 and 14, as you wrote, that even developers not specialized in MP will move to help out because the focus now, having finished the details of the B41, had become that. Which means that until then your focus had not been to bring out the MP. It is very clear. This is where I move my criticism into, in my humble opinion, mismanagement of priorities. I am fully aware that posthumous criticism cannot change the path you have chosen to take, they even cannot shorten the time it takes now to release the MP. In any case, since I purchased your p
  2. Coltello


    I’m really sorry for the unfortunate events in life that some dev had to pass through. I didn’t know. The analogy was bad from the first person who wrote it above but this had already been stated. Obviously PZ is a niche game but this does not mean that you can manage the development in a casual way of this amazing game so loved by me as by many. as for my opinion reading in the blog every week things like “ MP? We are still working on it...but do you now the possibility to do fitness” or “ MP?...yes Yuri is working on it but look folks now you can wear colored bandanas” or t
  3. Coltello


    Yes, but meanwhile u are keeping ur grass clean and safe, others are building highways over ur little garden. and so? So i came here every thursady in the last year and a half, to see the progress u Made with the footpath. And every thursday i saw u planting trees and flowers, cut the grass....and no footpath progress. To me u had choose a bad planning of priorities. Footpath (MP to be clear) is one of the more important assets, if not the most, of this game and u waited a year and a half to start working on it seriously, and now there are problems and we have to wait more. So sad.
  4. Coltello


    Let’s hope this new client system will not require another 2 years to let MP come out....... the game is amazing, but it will not last long played only in SP...
  5. Coltello

    Slaying catch-up

    I love u guys this game is so amazing. I hope so much that MP will come out asap cuz i wanna play this beautiful game with my friends XD a bugged version is well accepted anyway pleeeeeeease let me play this with my friendssssssss :((((((((( im too coward to play this alone!!!! XD
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