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  1. After this is fixed, could keep as a secret cheat code / easter egg, like in the old doom game you'd type iddqd for invulnerability, here in Zomboid you could type something like flyofthezumblecars (just very random idea) )or something like that and for all vehicles it would enable this behavior / bouncy physics ahah
  2. Unemployed profession + Weak trait + Unfit trait i think makes you start with zero strength, fitness and skills
  3. Makes sense, some cars could be found in garages, for a reason or another.
  4. So i rolled a new obese toon and used a mod called Minimal Display Bars and there is an option that lets you monitor the "calories" intake, assuming it works fine (seems to be): -Exercising (squats, burpees, pushups etc) does already accelerates calories consumption, very mild, so basically 41.48 already features what i'm asking in the beginning of this suggestion post. -Running does also accelerates calories consumption, at a faster rate than exercising. -When you reach negative calories intake you start losing weight. Can get as low as -2200 value, don't know if there a
  5. 8 days (almost 9) ingame, started with zero stats (fitness, strength, sprinting) and ran around by foot all the time. Basically going back and forth the roads around the lake west of westpoint to give an idea, clearing houses etc. All the time with a "<" on weight, drank little wine (small doses, when starving) and eaten only lowest cal food i could find and rarely. Most of time with starving moodlet on screen, a few times eaten bait fish thanks to a fishing net found near lake, (don't know how much calories that would be, but weight loss was always active). Then exercised prett
  6. Upon some inspection looks like losing weights is harder than gaining it? When character gains weight, can have a ">>" icon (facing upwards) meaning they are gaining weight fast. But seems like the character is already at it's limit and stuck at "<" icon (losing weight, arrows facing downwards) and can't get to "<<"? I don't know if this is intended, it causes weight loss to be very slow and i assumed exercise and other activities weren't taking effect. I'm not sure if slow weight loss (only one "<") is intended, or i'm doing something wrong, haven't found a
  7. Exercising burning a small amount of calories on each repetition or overtime. This idea came after playing with an obese character. To help lose weight for obese/overweight characters -- but may backfire for underweight characters as they'd need to eat more to avoid losing weight! Talking about a small amount, don't want to suddendly turn skinny from exercising a lot
  8. This is very minor suggestion, add a confirm prompt "Are you sure you want to quit to main menu" sorta when selecting quit (to main screen) when ingame. Like a double confirm. Of all times i've played i only happened to misclick once while i was trying to rush in the options menu and accidentally hit the quit button, that's why i raised the suggestion. But it's not an huge issue and no harm was really done even if mistakely quitting.
  9. Thanks for the update! Spears are super strong, now you can also move while performing stabbing animation with spears (you could only move with the side swing attack before) they also improved the ground attack, faster and more effective animation (it was an huge wind up before and you had to position in a weird manner over a zombie). I haven't noticed much difference in their durability, they broke easily even before but my character is still low skill on them. Crafting and carrying a bunch was something i was already doing before, they are a bit heavy so you tend to lose speed/m
  10. I never handled guns, so i wouldn't know (only bb rifle). But i thought maybe using the thumb power would be enough. Out of curiosity i checked a couple of videos, at least from the looks there is some resistance applied when inserting the 9mm (i assume that's the caliber used for the handguns used) but also it seems harder to load than some other calibers. If you read the youtube comments on the video you can definitely see people have been actually struggling to load these, at least from beginners or those who got older and stated they lost the required strength to load properly, hence the t
  11. 3lackrose

    Slaying catch-up

    Sounds like a perfect solution to the ground / push behavior! It is also very interesting (and educational i'd say) to see the various steps needed to implement and improve multiplayer!
  12. As long as it's a sandbox option, nothing against it, everything goes
  13. Not sure if this is considered a bug, but i've noticed sometimes being unable to hear the sound of glass or windows shattered by zombies etc approx in a 10 meter proximity or behind a door / wall. I'm also playing a character with Keen Hearing trait. I remember being able to hear the windows/glass shattering in the general area on previous versions of the game, it was a good way to mantain a certain degree of situational awareness, but as is now i sometimes see zombies tapping on a window, i turn around the corner to do something, come back and they've already broke in but i didn'
  14. I noticed the character getting bored (which leads to depression if stacked for too long) when exercising, like the game counts this activity as idling - so i opened this suggestion. As title says, generally speaking physical exercise does help to soothe these irl -- perhaps even anxiety. Some individuals may disagree or naturally not like physical activity, or have other side effects from it, in such case this could be represented by one or a series of selectable negative trait(s) in the character creation. As complete opposite, some people can be fitness lovers s
  15. Camera shifting forward would perhaps work well, at least on paper: starts at the center of screen, and as the vehicle accelerates the camera shifts gradually forward. And returns back when slowing down. Or if you hold right click you could pan the camera like you normally do when on foot, maybe this one is not the best option when driving though.
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