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  1. Okay, after thinking about this for some time and testing out going to the same places in different saves how hordes form is really up to RNG and not preset code which I can say is slightly better for me, I'm going to ask moderators lock this post and delete it as it really is something I do not think the devs can fine tune and therefor not an issue worth worrying about.
  2. I have a few questions about PZ and apocalypse mode to be exact. I've been playing apocalypse mode quite a lot since the new b41 overhaul (don't play survivor cause I thought that was 2 easy and I need to play the hardest challenge there is and I have 3k+ hours of PZ since 2014 ) so I'm always playing apocalypse mode whenever I try a run but now-so I'm feeling a bit dreary as it feels like I'm having to murder so many zeds in a day which is possible sometime and impossible at other times depending on where you are on the map. Zed spawns are insane and I wanted to suggest that they be tuned down slightly more as they seem a bit off in some places (Far west end of Riverside past the farmhouses are incredibly depopulated in the north squares of it e.g The shop behind the restaurant and from there to the other shop in the middle of that place, three zeds spawned there upon arrival and then two more showed up four days later ) While if I go down to the gas station there'll be about 30 zeds all together clumped up in groups of up to 6 which feels unusual cause it's such a small area with no community houses or farmhouses for at least 3 miles I'd say, tricky to judge distances in a sims like game) then when I leave that area and head down south on the motorway the amount of zeds that are littering the roads is insanely high and demoralizing. For the middle of nowhere motorway or forests beside it but once you get down to the campsite just south of the huge lake I thought I'd be safe but lord behold there were so many on the way to get there even in the woods and so many around these places in the forests. (I drew a line down on the map where it's absolutely littered with zeds on the road and in the forests, pathways too right up to the cabin next to the lake) Is apocalypse intended to be this super duper difficult souls-like challenge even in the forests like I know the moto of apocalypse is stealth based but if I leave my starting location and I'm in WP example with conspicuous I'm toast, feels like the only way to sneak about right now is to choose burglar without the extra stealth anims it feels almost impossible to play this mode apart from the COMPLETE opposite way it's supposedly intended to be played (KILL EVERYTHING, CHEESE REALISM) by doing things like making incredibly difficult bases to reach, or the old demolish staircase tactic and live upstairs on one floor or create a base that doesn't touch the ground) Final points on this subject is: That the spawn points feel maybe not as calibrated as intended for some places and a little too intense in places like motorways and forest areas, rural areas too, would be good if zombies made their way to these places overtime from the larger more populated areas It's nearly impossible to survive with the conspicuous trait on this mode, not great at sneaking about and you slay so many zeds in a day you'll get exhausted try to find a place to rest and with the insane zombie count be hounded without reprieve So what I'm requesting is that the zombie count be lowered a bit more, maybe shuffled up a bit more in the zones, zeds make their way to these places like country roads, motorways and rural areas over time, maybe a lot quicker than survival after 28 days instead of just being splotched in these places already? Motorway from west Riverside clumped with zeds 95% of the way (proof) Extra vid of me heading to the lake camp for people wanting to see my driving skills
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