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  1. I've noticed an issue with bar soap. When washing yourself at a water source with the soap present in your inventory, the soap will be consumed, but not completely. A pixel or so of the soap's "remaining" bar will never disappear, no matter how many times I use it; and even with such a small quantity present, I still receive the speed bonus for self-washing. I've been using the same one pixel of soap for about three in-game months now, and it's never consumed. Unfortunately, I don't have any more concrete data to provide, only anecdotal data. I've washed both with the sliver of remaining soap, and without, and it is, indeed, significantly faster with the one-pixel soap sliver present. I've washed with minor body dirt, and with major, week-long body filthnastiness present. The last pixel of bar soap seems to be infinite, but remains effective.
  2. Nah, don't delete it. Merge it, maybe, if that's a thing. My post was about the Dash Elite, but I wasn't able to check all of the different vehicle types. You've provided new information: same problem, different vehicle.
  3. Check this thread for possible insight on this issue.
  4. Makes perfect sense. It's not a big issue for me, personally—I just wanted to present what data I had in case it's relevant to anything moving forward. In the event that the issue is identified and solved, I keep incremental backups of all my save games. I can easily go grab the backup right before the update and re-update it to check for changes.
  5. After creating a new save on 41.46 I can say with reasonable certainty that all Dash Elites have properly working glove box containers. The issue seems to be related to updating the 41.45 save to 41.46.
  6. This is a 41.45 save that has been updated to 41.46. Now that you mention that, give me just a few minutes and I'll fire up a new one and I'll see if the problem persists.
  7. The container itself is not present when sitting inside the car. The Glove Box item is still present in Vehicle Mechanics. I've had more time to play test since my original post, and I haven't encountered this problem in any other type of vehicle yet—just the Dash Elite. But I haven't checked them all. A few of the sportier models usually only spawn up in Riverside, and I'm pretty much on the opposite end of the map. Heh.
  8. I just updated to 41.46 on Steam, and now none of the Dash Elite vehicles in the game have a glove box anymore. None of the other vehicle types seem affected, but I haven't been able to check them all yet to verify this. I have checked multiple Dash Elites, however, and none of them have glove boxes now.
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