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  1. Thank you both for your responses! @nasKoThat's correct; there's no TCP port (or UDP port) listening. Thus, when I (and a friend) attempt to connect, there are no errors generated by the server, nor logs captured, because it's deaf to all connectivity attempts. To analogize, it's akin to trying a thousand different ways of displaying and verbalizing how 1+1 = 2, but the person you're attempting to educate is 100% blind and deaf. So that person just keeps humming along doing their own thing, completely unaware of your presence. @EnigmaGreyTHANK YOU. This worked. I h
  2. 6 days later, ~100 views, no responses...has the PZ community died and turned undead? I thought y'all were survivors! Any help would be appreciated, as I'm at a loss here without diving into the developers' code and re-programming their efforts (which would be silly and far too much work).
  3. Hi, TL;DR - Port forwarding works. Not blocked by firewall or A/V. I can connect to non-PZ servers that I host (and simple apps, like netcat), both locally and over the internet. I've hosted PZ Servers (years ago), without any hassle. Netstat indicates PZ Server isn't listening on ANY ports. Please help? I'm pretty comfortable working my way around CMD, routers, firewalls, and have hosted servers for games before (years ago I even hosted for PZ!). I just returned to the game and wanted to host, but seem to be getting a bizarre issue. Project Zomboid server is NOT
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