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  1. The best way as far as I know is to buy a better pc
  2. They also fucked up the clipping with the vests and other clothes, especially with the female skin
  3. Hello fellow zomboid survivors, is there a way to adjust the house temperature or is it fixed on 22 C degrees ?
  4. The bulletproof vest started clipping with other clothes, it didn't do this before.
  5. I have a strange bug to report, when a zombie falls to the ground by your melee weapon and you quickly rush on top of him he bounces off the ground. This bug is really easy to recreate all you need to do is equip a melee weapon then hit a zombie until he falls to the ground then as he is falling quickly get on top of him then he will bounce. I'm playing on IWBUMS 41.50.
  6. Just here to wish you guys good luck on the upcoming update, I am certain that this game will succeed, here's to an awesome game and even more awesome devs cheers
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