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  1. Thanks for the foraging buff, it really sucked to have the ridiculously tired moodle after an hour or so of morning foraging.
  2. Am I reading it correctly that the stab attack will only trigger if the zombie is within a certain range bracket from the player? Is there a minimum to this or just a maximum? Is there a way to force a stab?
  3. Twine and rope are rare also. Why not leather strips or something that is renewable? I agree that they are easy to craft and renew, but IMO the very low durability is too much of a counter. Sure I can spend the day foraging and make 20 of the things, but I now have to fill my inventory with spears in order for them to be a reliable primary weapon. Would you at least consider increasing the rate at which we gain experience in maintenance and/or spear skill when using them to help offset the nerf somewhat, such that a spear focused character can achieve parity with, say, an axe fo
  4. Thanks, yeah that's pretty painful. I have a few levels in spear but still went through 5 spears in just a few minutes. Judging by initial impressions this nerf seems a bit too severe, especially given how slowly spear skill levels up. Can we at least have it so that the durability ramps up more quickly at higher skill levels?
  5. Can you explain what exactly changed? My character is spear focused and this is filling me with a sense of dread already.
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