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  1. Loving this patch! Especially the ability to use crowbars to take the barricades down, really helps out in early game when hammers are harder to find!
  2. I haven't found a house full of toilet paper yet but I hope they keep that in because it'd be one hell of a funny easter egg to find
  3. I actually really approve this - especially the thermos part!
  4. Hi again, folks! So, I've logged close to 70 hours now since making the jump from the old build to the IWBUMS build and I thought I'd share my thoughts here instead of posting them to Reddit or to the Discord server. I've logged a bunch of hours (300+) in the old build because I'm in a fairly large gaming community that in particular plays lots of zombie-related titles. PZ is one of my favorites of the past 10 years or so, and I've managed to recruit lots of guys to play MP games with me (hence the 300+ hours in the old build, MP support is still there!) and wanted to give a few views bas
  5. First, I'd like to apologize in advance if this is something that has already been suggested - I'm new to the official PZ forums (although I have 'haunted' the subreddit for a while now) and although I've looked into the 'Often suggested suggestions' and the hard 'yes/no' list, I haven't seen any mention *thus far* of this, although admittedly, I haven't spent a long, long time actively searching for a post that actually lists this, so - if I am indeed guilty of re-posting an already posted suggestion, sorry! Hoping to become a little more familiar with the forums in general - and thus becomi
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