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  1. Aaah! thanks! that worked a treat, i didnt know there was a specific menu option for it. this is great
  2. I attached the picture of the car, it was in the current build of IWBUMS, I dont have any mods installed.
  3. I dont use mods, just the base game. I run it in 4k but even so, even star citizen only uses 40% of my GPU. it seems incongruent that something like this would demand so much resource. as for the age of the thing it is quite new, no other game i play has anything close to this.
  4. I rushed ingame to try this since i had just found 4 sledge hammers after having never seen one before. sadly I still could not find the exact pixel i need to swing at in order to hit the doorframe, it seems to be incorporeal. just needs a deconstruct option like everything else i think.
  5. I dont know why but can somebody explain this? I dont think any game I currently own does this. It does me a concern. It is supposed to use this much resource?
  6. I have personally never seen the zombies affected by the meta events besides the helicopter, they dont seem to care about howls, screams, barking, gunshots. etc.. and in my current 4 1/2 month world time on Apocalypse there are A LOT of zombies everywhere.
  7. I also tried to ram this door frame with a car but it just doesnt break xD ... it is invulnerable it seems..
  8. ive only experienced this once so it might be a fluke, but i was driving a car with 90% fuel and i got a chilly moodle, so i turned on the heater while driving, i glanced at the fuel gage about 30 seconds later and i had what looked to be 20% and an orange fuel light was on. made me pretty mad as fuel seems quite hard to get in apocalypse.
  9. what do you mean by check the wooden floor?
  10. Solution: get hold of a sledgehammer, right click on the doorframe and select the "destroy" option. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ so i placed a doorframe in the wrong place, it seems you can break down other placed wall components by smacking them with a hammer if you place them wrong, but the door frame has no hitbox to my weapons, however i can crash into it with a vehicle.. though i really dont want to break my only vehicle by smacking it into a wall. I tried with a few items to hit this object but to no avail.. if anyone has any ideas please let me know
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