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  1. Please, for the love of god, reduce the volume of lightning while sleeping. The game fast forwards, and plays hours worth of lightning over the course of a few seconds. It's genuinely painful. I'm begging you. End the torment.
  2. I've run into a bug that occurs when I try to patch clothes. I do play with mods, but I still get the issue after starting a save file with no clothing-related mods. When I right on the UI to get the patch option, the game gives the error notification. If I then try to patch it, the animation plays and the thread and fabric are consumed, and I get the XP, but the hole doesn't get patched. I used a cheat mod to raise my tailoring to max to try that, but the hole remains unpatched. I'll attach the relevant error from console.txt. Any ideas? Edit: It was the mod "Reduced Plank and Log Weight", apparently. How? I have no idea. But disabling that mod fixes the issue, and re-enabling it brings it back. Disabling it on my existing save fixed the issue as well, fortunately. Error.txt Error2.txt
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