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  1. Никто никогда и ничего не отвечает на этом мёртвом форуме. Проще у табуретки что-то спрашивать. За 8 лет разработки все адекватные фанаты вымерли.
  2. I have two versions of the mod. One works stably, and the second constantly freezes. But I've made so many changes that I don't even know which direction to look. I can see that this is some kind of blood location conflict or something... But how do you know what it is related to? Help us understand, dear developers. 21-10-20_23-55-27_DebugLog.txt
  3. Hi. I decided to add a new type of clothing: a hard hat, jacket, and pants. Based on the standard ones: Jacket_Camo Green, Hat_Army, and Trousers_camogreen. Changed textures, drew new icons, and created the necessary files. Here is a list of files and what I wrote in them: Folder: \media\clothing\clothingItems Files: Jacket_CamoMP.xml, MP_Hat_Army.xml, Trousers_CamoMP.xml I changed two lines in each file. The path to the texture: <textureChoices>clothes\jacket\jacket_camomp</textureChoices> <textureChoices>clothes\jacket\jacket_camomp</textureChoices
  4. Thanks for the numerous tips - I figured it out myself))))
  5. Hi all! I solved the problem. But a new question arose. What needs to be registered in 'Properties' so that the tile of the window cleared of glass starts working. Now, after cleaning the broken window from the glass, the entire wall disappears.
  6. "way you pack" - zomboid/mods/namemod/media/texturepacks/namemod2x.pack and in info - pack=namemod2x "properties of your custom tiles" - this is options in tilesset?
  7. "way you pack" - zomboid/mods/namemod/media/texturepacks/namemod2x.pack and in info - pack=namemod2x "properties of your custom tiles" - this is options in tilesset?
  8. Please help me. My English is very bad - it is translated by an online translator. I attach images that show my actions in more or less detail. It's late and I'm a little tired. I'm not thinking straight. I'm out of guesses. I created new textures. Not created, but combined 2 existing ones to make a military point. They are in picture 1. Visually, it suits me. Next, I added a tileset to tile zed. now you can add it to the map. Then I added walls with new elements in the building editor. the missing elements of the window door made similar as in the usual green wall. just drag the
  9. Hello. I found this topic that lists the names of spawn zones for certain types of zombies. Did I understand correctly that the areas that are assigned these names are foraging areas? That is, I create, for example, a "town zone" and assign it the name "army", and there is a chance to spawn soldiers in it.
  10. do I need to write some code in a project file or is it enough just to assign names to the zones foraging?
  11. tell me where you can find a guide for adding new tiles. something I can't find a topic, how to do it from zero. this is the process of creating a new wall texture (with a transparent window, for example). I want to create a wall with a glass window of a certain color-based on an existing wall texture.
  12. Nice! Thank! But how do people who create new cities do it? They have fire stations and police stations, and, for example, in vogue for a Korean city, there are military spawn zones.
  13. Yes, thank you for your advice! When I switch to this layer, the world darkens and you can place the top half of the stack. I am confused by the fact that I place it visually, that is, somewhere on other cells behind the lower part. Although the joint is not visible, apparently, I do everything correctly. And another question. I haven't moved on to this stage yet, but it's interesting in advance. The spawn map is only responsible for the zombie spawn itself, but how can you organize a spawn, such as zombie soldiers or zombie guards? I'm sorry if I'm asking stupid questions.
  14. I hope the moderator will check my message sometime. I went through all the tabs, but I still didn't figure out how to add another Odile level to TileZed. I see object layers, tile layers, but there is no button to add another level anywhere. I see buildings with lots of floors, which I post via World... But how do I make a full-size workable post on 2 levels, I strongly do not understand.
  15. Tell me how to put a two-story street lamp in TilZed. There is an option for lights in the upper toolbar, but whatever you choose in the menu, nothing appears on the map. And there are 2 halves of the lantern in sets of items that I don't understand how to put on top of each other.
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