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  1. I don't really like how the skill system is implemented in PZ, you have to constantly grind skills to get basic capabilities. But at the same time, with the full skill leveling of skills, part of the interest in the game disappears. I think the following "mechanics" will work well for PZ (in my vision) - Skill check in the style of tabletop role-playing games, when the skill level affects the success of the action performed, so that our character could have the opportunity after several attempts to build (for example) a water barrel, having the skill "Carpentry 3".(with some complications) How I see it: There are 2 requirements for each action or recipe: The minimum level (No more than 3), which is actually a requirement for performing the action. The recommended level required for ~90% success of the action performed. The lower the current skill level, the lower the chance of success and the greater the resource penalties. With each subsequent skill level, the chance of success increases by a small value, up to 99.5% at level 10, so that further leveling would make more sense. Penalty (for example): The recipe requires more resources and/or more time, (+0-50%, depending on the difference between the Current and Recommended skill level, +5-10% (max 100%, in total) for each unsuccessful attempt within a certain time). A chance to get a small injury. Chance to damage the tool... An example of what the chance of failure will look like, with different values (when creating a ~wooden door):
  2. I want to describe the + - General structure for skills from the "Craft" section, which I think is more understandable and interesting. I will briefly describe how I imagine it. Level 0. Incompetent. With this level, most actions related to this profession are performed 2-3 times slower. Chance to damage your finger when cutting food (add the requirement of a salad knife) or get burned when working with a propane torch... First aid: panic when removing glass, 50% chance (with tweezers) or 75% chance (without tweezers) of failure... We have no idea about the subject related to this profession (information about the quality and condition of auto parts is hidden, etc.)... Level 1. Beginner. Speed penalty time x1.5-2. Level 2. Amateur. Short information about the condition of auto parts (Worn, Average, New), and I really hope in the future to see the opportunity to assess the condition of barricades, furniture and walls built... Level 3-6. blah blah blah Level 7. Professional. Maximum requirement for all actions and blueprints. Complete diagnostics of all skill-related items. (no chance of breaking furniture when dragging) 8+ Master. Various bonuses (speed of work, quality, etc.).
  3. How I imagine it: After creating a character, we are offered to buy various items (Similar to the game Arcanum. If someone played). The price and availability of certain items depends on the chosen skills and profession. For example, if you select "Sewer", a needle appears in the store (so that you can have it right away, and not go to another locality for it) threads and materials, etc. For "Gardener" / "Farmer" - professional magazines, tools, seeds, etc. The initial skill level determines the price (the higher the initial level, the lower the price). Important: the Store is available every 2-4 weeks (if the character dies), Or one time.
  4. "Added "Automatically Drink Water When Thirsty""
  5. I do not know for what reason, but the game started to hang and eventually closed. But the crux of the problem is that saving the world and inventory turned out to be asynchronous. When loading, the world loaded a few tens of seconds earlier, unlike the inventory. It turned out that the world did not have those things that I put in the drawer and on the floor, in the inventory they also did not turn out (very offensive. I decided to put the best parts of the car in their places ((). in Addition, all the z's disappeared. But this is not the first time that a partial save has occurred. (But but the most offensive) (I believe that this problem can be solved by double buffering the save, if possible. It's none of my business, though.)
  6. Я бы хотел что бы гораздо больше вещей влияло на психику персонажа. На пример мебель (если бы я жил в комнате из наставленных друг на друга ящиков, то ё..у бы наверно дал)
  7. This is really what I miss when traveling to another city. But in fact (perhaps) it is enough to make the temperature of objects affect each other, provided that they are in the same container (bag)
  8. Why can't I make an input field instead of a context menu?
  9. I think this should be due to high firearm skill (~5-7)
  10. When a massive rip of clothing, from a set of containers (Zombies), the character also rips clothes from his inventory, which I put aside for the future (including the marked "favorites"). This is very annoying. You can do something about it?
  11. On the one hand, this is really necessary for survival. But on the other hand it spoils Roleplay.
  12. I'd like that, too. It would be cool to create a climate for my region (but the truth is, the climate in my region is very confusing. It is not enough to set the temperature range)
  13. "Day / night activity"(zombie) option is very interesting in theory, but it is too casual. I would really like to be able to configure Z: Very dangerous at night (like in the movie " Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead) and more or less safe during the day. I think it would be cool to be able to have parallel settings for night zombies.
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