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  1. Hey! On this post I'd like to ask about the earlier builds of the game. I have recently heard that apparently in them, there was something like a wife that you spawned with, who had a broken leg. You could either abandon her or stay along and treat her. Was this really a thing? And if so, what led to said wife being cut from the game?
  2. What I am talking about, is to add shopping carts as a way to carry items. Now of course, this shopping cart as an item that could be used could be broken. IE: could be missing wheels. Repair would either need a low level, or should not be added at all; since it's a shopping cart. These things should be fairly common in supermarkets; for obvious reasons. Dragging a cart can, and should slow down the player, if the cart gets overweighed, then it should be very hard to carry. The cart would not be a rideable thing, only a thing that would be dragged on forward. Why would you want to add th
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