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    King-Salomon reacted to lemmy101 in IWBUMS 41.24 released!   
    Added zombie turn alerted
    When climbing through a window and a zombie blocking it making you fall back into the house, zombie will emit a sound so you know it's there.
    Can now shoot at windows (they'll be highlited if in range/direction).
    Zombies now won't get up if a player is standing on top of them.
    Game now detects when zombies have been walking-on-the-spot for several seconds, then stop moving.
    Groups of zombies attacking vehicles now coorindated better to avoid them endlessly walking into a vehicle they can't possibly reach.
    Added prediction for melee combat. If you're attacking a zombie that is lunging toward you, we increase virtually the range of weapon to detect an attack, this should make the "miss" animation play way less often when you actually will hit the zombie.
    Drivers now look behind them when the vehicle is moving in reverse. This fixes players not being able to see the vehicle they are in when reversing into unseen areas. Drivers and passengers may look around by holding the Aim key or the controller right-stick when windows aren't opened.
    Control-mousewheel now cycles between containers in the inventory and loot windows when the mouse is over the items list.
    - Quality-of-life improvements to taking dirt/gravel/sand.
    1) The most-full bag is chosen automatically from inventory (and in backpacks) instead of having to choose one from a submenu.
    2) A cursor is displayed for picking locations to take from. This allows the player to click four times in a row
    to fill one bag, instead of having to right-click and choose the same action four times from the context menu.
    - Quality-of-life improvements to pouring dirt/gravel/sand.
    1) The cursor displays a green or red outline to make it easier to see.
    2) The first non-empty bag is chosen automatically from inventory (and in backpacks) instead of having to choose one from a submenu.
    Reduced damage done by falling from 2 storey windows.
    Fixed being underweight/very underweight causing immediate death when falling from 2nd storey windows and over encumbered.
    Allow lunging zombies to climb over fences and through windows instead of walking-in-place into them.
    Agoraphobic/Claustrophobic are now mutually exclusive.
    Increased hemophobic points given to 5.
    Fixed no zombies sandbox options still spawning zombies in vehicle stories.
    Fixed still turning toward some items when doing various action when it wasn't needed (filling water bottle).
    Fixed zombies thumping vehicles not attracting other zombies (missing WorldSound).
    Fixed AttackState clearing StateMachineParams (for all states, instead of just AttackState).
    Fixed two multithreading bugs.
    Fixed not being able to attack after closing a map when using a controller.
    Fixed Transfer All moving hotbar items.
    Fixed Hemophobic stress increasing faster at higher framerates.
    Fixed the player getting stuck in the fishing state if they performed other actions while fishing.
    Fixed driving through forests is bumpy even when wood floors have been placed.
    Fixed NullPointerException in IsoGridSquare.RenderOpenDoorOnly() when there is fire in a house.
    Fixed blocked buttons in the New Game screen after deleting the last savefile.
    Fixed not being able to take water from puddles if Dynamic Skybox = No.
    Fixed plumbed sinks taking water from puddles.
    Fixed Lock framerate = Uncapped not being saved.
    Fixed BodyPart.RestoreToFullHealth() not stopping bleeding.
    Fixed invisible players and other errors when spawning a splitscreen player in the same location as the other player.
    Fixed IsoPlayer.getJoypadAimVector() and IsoPlayer.getJoypadMoveVector() doing sqrt(x * x + y + y).
    Fixed passengers seeing the "B for Brake" prompt when using a controller.
    Fixed DebugChunkStateUI not updating the display when selecting new squares.
    Forbid using the name of an existing directory when creating a new game.
    Forbid entering various invalid characters in the savefile field when creating a new game.
    Fixed being able to double-click a spawn location to advance to the next screen when an invalid savefile name was entered.
    Fixed not spawning zombies eating corpses inside rooms.
    Fixed spawning zombies eating corpses in a room when zombie spawning is disabled.
    Fixed spawning zombies eating corpses with a wall or door between the corpse and the zombie. Try harder to find a place to spawn a corpse inside a room, instead of always choosing the center.
    Fixed blood splatter causing bushes and trees to rustle.
    Fixed not being able to walk off the floor in all directions after building a new staircase.
    Fixed corpses/items/zombies in rooms spawning in inaccessible areas behind stairs (when the area is 1x1 or 2x1 or 1x2 only).
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    King-Salomon reacted to lemmy101 in IWBUMS 41.23 released!   
    - Change the color of non-icon buttons when clicking them for visual feedback.
    - Removed Tutorial from main menu.
    Added new sandbox loot options:
    - Canned food, Medical, Mechanics, Survival gears, Ranged weapons, Ammo, Literature.
    - When loading a previous game, these new loot modifier will be based on existing one (so ranged wpn/ammo will take weapon modifier, the others will take "Other" loot modifier)


    Zombies have less chance spotting the player during night (it was already there, but happen only during really dark night, lowered the threshold a tad)
    Halved the odds of jamming a gun
    Growing hair now take 20 days instead of 30.
    Balance weight of some clothing.
    Burglar profession can now hotwire vehicles & have less chance of breaking lock when opening windows.
    Hard of earing now gives 4 points (from 2).
    Increased ThickSkinned cost to 8 points (from 6).
    Increased ThinSkinned points given to 8 (from 6).
    Some weight related traits now reduce fitness.
    Weight related traits have now a bigger impact of chance to fail climbing big fences.
    Nightowl fixed, now works properly.
    Being Hemophobic and having blood on your on your clothes now slowly increase panic.
    More forgiving about the direction the player is facing when auto-vaulting over fences.


    - Temp fix for Kingsmouth hanging while saving. The island is surrounded by water, preventing the game from finding any path to respawn zombies.
    - Fixed fake-dead zombies in House in the Woods challenges.
    - Fixed walls flickering on fast-forward.
    - Fixed zombie skins changing at random.
    - Fixed belts etc not drying over time when worn.
    - Fixed missing zombie footstep sounds for slow-moving and sprinting zombies.
    - Fixed IsoGameCharacter.DoFootstepSound(String) volumes being ignored.
    - Fixed sprinter zombies lunging at full speed through trees and bushes.
    - Fixed animation and turning issues when performing medical actions on a splitscreen player.
    - Fixed bandage models appearing on the doctor rather than the patient in splitscreen.
    - Fixed rapidly clicking a button ignoring every second click (buttons were ignoring double-clicks).
    - Fixed Frying Pan model rotation when on the ground.
    - Fixed Revolver & dbl barrel shotgun getting hammed
    - Fixed invisible bandage (used to apply bandage model to player) weighting 1.0 (now it's 0).
    - Fixed sometimes bandage model not being removed (e.g when getting bite).
    - Fixed zombies attacking while still turning to face the player. This was most noticeable when the player was sitting in a vehicle; a zombie would walk to the vehicle's window, then
    attack as it was making a 90-degree turn. It could also happen when opening a door with a zombie behind it, or walking around a corner into a zombie.
    - Fixed inventory-context-menu command "Move To > Floor" moving items to the player's inventory but not dropping them on the floor.
    - Fixed NullPointerException in IsoMovingObject.checkHitWall() when adjacent chunks haven't been loaded.
    - Fixed playing the player's hit-reaction animation after exiting a vehicle. It looked like the zombie hit the player from the other side of the vehicle.
    - Fixed the player dying twice sometimes while getting dragged to the ground.
    - Fixed multiple issues with zombies knowing the location of players for a period after losing LOS
    - Fixed zombies seeing the player behind them as soon as they heard noise from the player. Now they don't see the player until
    they have turned enough.
    - Fixed metalworking actions failing because the Welder Mask can't be equipped in the hand anymore. Now it is worn.
    - Fixed ground attacks hitting doors, trees, etc.
    - Fixed a bit of debug code blocking the main thread every frame.
    - Fixed ISInventoryTransferAction failing if the item is already in the destination container. This fixes not being able to put gas in a vehicle when the Gas Can is in a bag to begin with.
    - Fixed duplicating items exploit involving corpses.
    - Fixed NullPointerException in ThunderStorm when the player's current square is null.
    - Fixed players getting blood on them after shooting zombies from a distance.
    - Fixed VehiclesDB not reporting many save/load errors. Now it uses the little-red-box-of-doom.
    - Fixed multithreading bug with the player/vehicle database. Existing files with already-corrupted vehicle data will repeatedly throw exceptions.
    - Fixed VehiclesDB throwing exceptions repeatedly if BaseVehicle.load() failed
    - Fixed NullPointerException in IsoPuddlesGeometry.
    - Fixed VERSION=1 not being written to keys.ini in some cases
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    King-Salomon reacted to nasKo in PatchZed   
    It’s a slightly strange time currently. We’re updating/polishing the 41 IWBUMS beta, but waiting for work to be completed on big ticket ‘need’ items like the close fire and hi-res updates, and the more distant reintegration of Multiplayer. Things are ticking over well, but this Thursday blog won’t be a blockbuster we’re afraid.
    The weekly patch cycle still seems to be working out okay. Yesterday’s 41.22 contained stuff like:
    More and improved vehicle zed events to come across as you explore – roadblocks, crashed ambulances and such Moodles now shake and shimmer to signal combat being impaired by panic, injury and the like. Pressing one of the hotbar keys for half a second now displays a radial menu for choosing an item to equip in that slot. Healing items can be dragged onto the Health panel to treat injuries. All containers in the loot window now displayed in the 3×3 area around the player – which among other things makes corpse looting a bunch easier. Fixed: missing rust on cars, hotbar weapon-switch anims, ultra-fragile headlights, resetting sandbox loot options (yay!), car duplication (again!) and much else besides. The next patch will contain Turbo’s latest improvements/pondering on the temperature system, and hopefully some renewed fix/polish for the Sims-style cutaway system.
    Already in the internal test build, meanwhile, is some balance for clothing weight, trait balance and fixes to weapon-jamming – as well as a some work on zed footsteps and the new challenges. We anticipate that this, and more besides will be released in the first half of next week.
    Apologies for repeating ourselves, but so everyone knows – work is ongoing on the following for the more imminent of our upcoming patches.
    Zac is continuing his push on the zoom / hi-res model branch, and when work on this is stable will be moving over onto MP. The lighting algorithm has been rewritten, condensing the old twin-step color+lighting stages into a single pass. This fixes a myriad of flickering ‘light-leakage’ artefacts, as well as halves the fill-rate costs for buildings, floors, and terrain. This should also provide a performance boost, particularly on older GPUs where fill rate is a premium – though it’s not clear just yet how much of one. Yuri is optimizing his fire system, seen last week, and also making it possible for the PZ modding community to create their own effects. Modders will be able to set textures, shaders, particle numbers and parameters for how it all moves – meaning that ultimately people will be able to implement different fires, smoke, vapours, swarms, magic, geysers, blood eruptions and whatever else floats your boat. In more boring non-game affairs, meanwhile, that you may well still be interested in – we will also be using the full launch of 41 to coincide with a bunch of other ‘new’ stuff. New trailer, new website, new all-kinds-of-stuff – so there’s also a lot of activity in non-game areas of Zomboid too. More of which we will hopefully see emerge in the weeks ahead.
    Thanks all, hopefully a kickass Thursdoid next week when the stuff mentioned above starts to come online.
    Many thanks for all the bug-hunting and feedback the community has been doing for us too, by the way. There have been some really nasty gremlins eradicated that could only be exposed by the forensic reporting of our IWBUMS beta testers, and all your efforts have been very much appreciated. 
    This week’s image from Penelope Graves. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
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    King-Salomon reacted to nasKo in Zedsgiving   
    Hey everyone, here’s a quick update on where we are with the current IWBUMS beta process. We do hope you’re well, and wish all Americans a happy Thanksgiving today – even if many of the PZ team only really know of it via films and soft focus television comedies from the 1990s.
    41.21 PATCH
    We patched the current IWBUMS beta on Tuesday, which was a version that contained:
    Visible bandages A new ‘inspect clothing’ UI and improved tailoring Randomized vehicle events to come across on the highways of the Knox Event Improved Studio and Kingsmouth challenges Insulation/temperature system changes Loads of balance and bug squashes Annoyingly this patch also came with its own measure of bugs, and we had to spend a day hotfixing players who couldn’t survive through winter due to INTENSE SUFFERING and also a savegame issue.
    These issues should now be fixed, so if you’re still having problems with them then please double-check your system has the very latest version of the IWBUMS beta by verifying files or reinstalling. If problems remain then please let us know on the forums.
    We’re slightly behind schedule in our new weekly patch release schedule, what with the above issues, so the next patch probably won’t be quite as bumper as recent ones have been.
    However it should contain the return of rusty cars, more and improved vehicle events on the roads and a QOL looting improvement that displays all containers in a 3×3 area around the player – which should also make corpse looting a lot less fiddly.
    EP has also, meanwhile, been experimenting with a function that provides  a radial menu for hot bar slots – that then lets you choose an item to equip in that slot.
    Regular readers will recall that last week we were debating whether to put Zac’s work on the improved character fidelity and optimization into cold storage – which would then allow us to throw him into the mix on work on the much-awaited (but still not at all imminent, we’re afraid) Build 41 MP.
    However, in the past week he’s slayed a whole bunch of rendering demons and the whole thing is looking a lot more positive. Here’s a video from his branch showing where he’s at right now. He’s really made some headway in the past week, and the seams and fuzz that were cropping up are increasingly in check.
    Another big ticket item that’s on our list for the full version 41 release, meanwhile, are Yuri’s improved fire visuals. Working with assets made for us by a lovely effects specialist called Dan, this is the current look we have for in-game fire.
    PLEASE remember this is still work in progress – and currently not tied to the actual PZ fire and firespread system.
    Yuri is currently optimizing the fire for low-end systems, and is also implementing his fire effects in script, which will allow the community to easily upgrade and create their own visual effects.
    That’s about it for now, but many thanks for all the enthusiasm we’re still (still!) seeing for Build 41. The last month has seen the highest average player count we’ve ever had for PZ – beating the full vehicles release by quite some way, and the animations build isn’t even fully released yet!
    It’s great to see that people are digging it, and exciting to think what the MP scene and modding potential will be once it’s fully out in the open.
    This week’s image from MrSopal on Reddit. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
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    King-Salomon reacted to nasKo in Bandage Club   
    This week’s Thursdoid is a quick walk-through of where we’re at we’re afraid – nothing super-sexy, but hopefully a few items of interest.
    The next patch, 41.21, is now in internal testing and feature-locked aside from any new fixes or balance. We’re trying to schedule these releases for the start of each new working week, so fingers crossed this coming Monday we will be seeing the following in the public IWBUMS beta:
    The new (expansive) tailoring submenus replaced with a new clothing UI for each individual garment – where blood/rips can be seen clearly, and cleaning and repairs can be performed. WIP version below. General balance for the new insulation/thermos system. Includes: slowed body heat gain/loss rates, slightly easier to regain the feeling of warmth, less general sweat in colder temperatures, water resistance added to relevant garments and increased energy/fluid consumption in extreme conditions. We’ve also begun separating out the more technical aspects out of the current ‘debug’ style UI. Visible bandages on the player Fixes for: walking-in-place zeds (hopefully), sheet rope blockages, disappearing/reappearing vehicles and many/varied other issues BEYOND
    Next of our required big ticket items will likely be Yuri’s new fire visuals, and also some specific ‘challenges’ for the Kingsmouth paradise island and film set maps.
    In terms of other stuff required for the big relaunch and 41 release, meanwhile are the travails of Zac: poor old lovely Zac, still waist-deep in our zoom/hi-res branch.
    Formerly we had this working well in testing, as both an optimization and  visual improvement, aside from occasional issues – but the fixes for those occasional issues have run ever more deep into the codebase.
    We’re increasingly aware however that this has now begun to steal manpower away from MP, which isn’t really fair on those waiting for it, so might have to reassess the situation next week once it’s clearer how much longer Zac’s toil could be.
    Finally, seeing as it’s been a dry-doid overall, here’s something else RJ’s been cooking up that will likely appear in a patch or two’s time:

    This week’s image from Swordfish II on Steam. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
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    King-Salomon reacted to DemolitionDerby in Hydrocraft Mod   
    Hello everyone!
    We are currently looking for a few dedicated and active people that would like to test Hydrocraft and report bugs a bit closer with us!
    So if there is anyone who would like to participate, this will surely help the development of the Build 41 version a ton! We will also send an invite to our Discord server to make communication easier!
    Now on to the good news.
    The "Beta 1" version of Hydrocraft for Build 41 is currently available!
    Beta versions are to be considered "IWBUMS" so there could be game breaking issues and require some games to be restarted.
    So for anyone who wants to play Hydrocraft until it is considered to be stable enough to be released publicly, there will be periodic releases there once in a while.
    It would be really appreciated if bug reports would be done on GitHub but any other channel will still be considered Thanks!!
    The Beta 1 can be downloaded right here:
    Again and lastly, if anyone would like to hunt bugs to help us with the mod, please send Hydromancerx or myself a quick PM and I will send the link to our Discord server!
    Enjoy! And thanks to everyone who helped!
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    King-Salomon reacted to nasKo in Like, sew cool   
    Hi everyone, Thursday again. It’s been a busy week both out there in the wilds of the Knox Event and deep in the code-mines that have created it.
    We were expecting player numbers to drop off a bit now we’re a full month after the initial 41 IWBUMS beta release but, somehow someway, they haven’t.
    It makes us wonder just how many people will be booting PZ back up once we turn the MP back on – though please be aware that right now it’s still a way’s off.
    In any case, on Monday we released Version 41.19 which reintroduced sprinters amidst a bunch of other cool stuff.
    This left the following on our ‘big ticket item’ list that we want to have nailed before a full 41 release: MP, MP networking improvements, the improved visual fidelity via our ‘zoom’ work, optimization of zombie crowds, new fire visuals, fixed tutorial, new zed decay skins, a system for clothing repair, Turbo’s work on player body heat and finalising the ‘challenge’ of the two new Challenges.
    Right now in internal testing we have a Version 41.20. We hope to release this next week, and it will contain:
    Mash has created a better rang eof zombies, alongside various states of decay for them to show the longer you survive. These will look at their best once Zac has finished his work on the hi-res zoom branch, but already look pretty cool.
    On the far left is the current base zombie level, then one to the right is the ‘new’ base level zombie appearance. The two more decomposed guys to the right are what happens when he stands in a hot room for a bit too long… 
    And here’s a quick pic from the Zoom branch where, annoyingly, all the zeds are looking away from the camera…
    Turbo’s work with player character temperature, clothing insulation and a code-side thermoregulator that evaluates warmth of different bodyparts and overall impact on the player. As in real life your character should still quite easily maintain a core temperature of 37 degrees when the external temperature is in the 20 – 30 degrees Celsius zone and wearing light to moderate clothes.
    When conditions cause overall heat gain or loss, however, your body will try to adjust to the conditions. Your alcohol intake, hunger, fatigue, aerobic activity, water intake and more will all have a part to play.
    When it’s released into the beta there will still be some UI work required, but those wanting to pick up needle and thread will have the ability to patch ripped clothes – and maybe sew on some extra defence too.
    The quality of repairs and defence will be governed by a new Tailoring skill. It will be possible to cut cotton, leather and denim into strips – and then patch up your damaged clothing.
    Betterment of firearm hit rates and the way aiming abilities scale as you level up. Improvements to sprinters – giving them sprint abilities only if they have a target, a chance to trip and a wider turning circle. Many and varied fixes for reported issues. IN OTHER NEWS
    We would like to formally introduce Sam, Casey and Fox to the PZ codebase – who will be working as Junior Programmers and focusing on bugs and QoL issues.
    Sam and Casey are both students, while Fox is a recent graduate. They are all a part of Tanglewood Games’ new Revolting Creations team (who regular readers will know as ChrisW) and we’re very excited to provide them with one of their first steps into the wider gaming industry.
    Chris is looking for programmers of all levels, including students with no industry experience, so if you think you fit that brief then here’s the deets.
    Our heartfelt congratulations to Ocean and Valkoinen: a couple who first met while playing Project Zomboid, and who got married at the end of October! Spiffo (our Spiffo) sends all his love, and best wishes for the future!
    This week’s image from Ashsjester who lives over on Reddit. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
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    King-Salomon reacted to lemmy101 in IWBUMS 41.19 released!   

    Re-added sprinter zombies to sandbox.
    Certain headwear now have a chance to fall when attacking (on zombies and players). Hats now rendered as 3D models in the world.
    Slot labels now displayed above the hotbar when the mouse hovers that slot.  This was to fix labels that are longer than the slot. When no item is in a slot, the faded icon of the item that provides the slot (such as a belt) is displayed instead.
    New SFX for lower impact car collisions
    Added  new sandbox presets to the sandbox options screen. Updated all the sandbox preset files so they include values for all options.
    Added star quality to show durability of items in hotbar.
    Left belt is now first, then right slot, this'll work only if you unequip/reequip the belt.
    Updated community translations
    Added ProjectZomboidOpenGLDebug64.bat which uses lwjgl-debug.jar instead of lwjgl.jar to enable extended error checking. Among other things, this calls glGetError() after every OpenGL call.
    Sneaking now drains more endurance when walking/jogging than normal walking/jogging.
    Equipped item/clothing now at the end of the inventory and not at the top.
    Added some debug info about quit and around saving the game on quit
    Pressing R can now do multiple thing:
    - If mag is in equipped gun, unequip it, check for a new mag to insert.
    - If no other mag found, check if we can load bullets in one mag, when done auto reload/rack.
    Changed all open doors to be see-through to help with combat when zombies are on the other side of an open door.
    If a vehicle is inside a garage, the area of the vehicle now decreases slightly - to help with parking.
    Balanced firearm stats.
    Increased chance of finding magazine in guns.
    Improved M16 and Automatic fire weapons. 
    Adjusted some loot spawns
    Add carpentry exp when making spears.
    Zombies have now defense according to clothing
    Eating frozen food now gives unhappiness/boredom malus.
    Re-added guns to spawn
    Lowered gigamart spawn rate.
    Increased safehouse loot.
    Changed Builder's food rarity settings from "extremely rare" to "rare"
    Disabled automatically vaulting over fences when there's no floor on the other side.
    Added a grace period during which a 'Surprise Bathroom zombie' attack does no damage to avoid unfair instadeath. 

    -tweaks to Hunting vest x files and masks so they work better together
    -adjusted wedding jacket to work a bit better with jumpers.
    -adjusted Huntingvest masks so that it works better with clothing
    - Fixed the player walking in the wrong direction while aiming with a controller.
    - Fixed hotbar position in splitscreen and after resizing the game window.
    - Fixed missing window icons.
    - Fixed tired moodle not in calcul hit chance for firearm.
    - Fixed exhausted moodle not being in calcul for stomping.
    - Fixed zombies pushing around zombies sat against a wall.
    - Fixed hand axe being on wrong rotation when attached in belt right.
    - Fixed various body location (gask mask could be wear with glasses, some full helmet etc..)
    - Fixed clothing protection could display over 100%.
    - Fixed wrong color scheme for bite/scratch defense color.
    - Fixed not regen endurance if heavy load was > 0.
    - Fixed heavy load moodle level 4 not doing anything to endurance regen.
    - Fixed fitness level 10 make you run faster (now only affect endurance).
    - Fixed missing rip clothing SFX.
    - Fixed stone not being lost when creating a spear from it.
    - Fixed double create spear with screwdriver.
    - Fixed missing adding kitchen knife to spear recipe.
    - Fixed occasional duplicated cars.
    - Fixed zombies teleporting through walls when choosing a place to sit after loading part of the map.
    - Fixed zombies never sitting against south or east walls.  IsoGridSquare.getWallType() looked for WallS and WallE properties
     which don't exist.
    - Fixed lua error looting hotbar items from corpses.
    - Fixed dissassembling not forcing you to stand.
    - Fixed removing a magazine from a firearm also removing 1 bullet from the clip.
    - Fixed some lua errors being printed to console without displaying the red error box.
    - Fixed car battery charger not rendering sometimes.
    - Fixed some blending during vault over.
    - Fixed sudden pause at the end of vaultOverRun
    - Fixed vault over sprint making a snap.
    - Fixed eating and drinking animations stopping in the middle of the action
    - Fixed some zombies walking being really fast or way too slow
    - Fixed Builder preset being initially selected in the sandbox "Saved Presets" combobox when the actual settings were for Survivor.lua aka Apocalypse.
    - Fixed the player's view cone changing direction more quickly than the model is turning.
    - Fixed character-info avatar not updating after washing off blood.
    - Fixed zombies sometimes standing idle when they should be chasing the player.
    - Fixed iso cursor being rendered at twice the size when Double-sized Textures = No.
    - Fixed players not always facing the direction they should when performing actions.
    - Fixed player walking when turning off an alarm that is in their inventory.
    - Fixed house alarms not working.
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    King-Salomon reacted to nasKo in Runners Return   
    Hi all, here’s some details on our next patch for the current Build 41 IWBUMS beta – and some updates on what will follow.
    41.19 Patch
    We’ve currently got the next patch in internal testing, and making sure there aren’t any last minute gremlins. Over the course of the 41 IWBUMS beta process we still need to reintroduce and improve networking in MP, improve visual fidelity via our ‘zoom’ work, optimize zombie crowds, mix in our new fire visuals, fix up the tutorial, add in new zed decay skins, create a system for clothing repair and reintroduce optional sandbox sprinters.
    And, as of 41.19, the first of these big ticket items will be back in-game. Get ready to run!
    [If you want to! As before: runners are an optional sandbox thing!]
    Other fixes and balance that will be in this patch include:
    New SFX for lower impact car collisions Hotbar improvements Through-open-door zed visibility fix Increased gun and ammo spawns Loot balance and game mode loot balance Controller fixes that will hopefully aid players who use gamepads A fix to those weird moments your car duplicates Smoothened fence vaulting Fixed eating and drinking animations Certain headwear now has a chance to fall when hit/attacked. Hats now rendered as 3D models in the world.  
    Barring gremlins appearing, which they often do, this patch is almost ready to go – but be warned that we rarely release on Fridays for fear of breakage. It shouldn’t be far off though.
    The next big ticket 41 items that’s likely to drop in an upcoming patch are the zoom and visual fidelity improvements that Zac’s currently on. It’s currently looking like this.
    As a part of this work Zac has been doing some simultaneous performance optimization. This week has seen the renderer undergo some scrutiny. The rendering pipeline has been carefully dissected, and various instrumentation nodes have been added at various stages.
    We can now toggle individual portions of the render on/off, and measure individual parts in isolation. Another aspect is GPU fill rate. We noticed that some graphics cards suffered more than others when certain shaders were enabled.
    So a custom shader was added that shows the invisible pixels that are stealing our performance. The terrain renderer is also getting some attention to try to reduce the amount of transparent pixels emitted by the floor tiles, by cutting their mesh more aggressively to their individual shapes. This is cutting the fill-rate cost by about 40-50%, which is seeing a nice FPS boost, particularly on older GPU’s
    Elsewhere Yuri is finishing up crash chasing and save system prodding, so he’ll be getting to work with the new fire visuals over the coming week  – while Turbo’s reintroduction of heat insulation and clothing systems will likely drop into the build over the next patch or two.
    Finally: Connall would like community reports on how different community translations are being received in non-English languages. If you have any feedback on them, or have noticed any parts of the game that remain untranslated, please get in touch with him via the translations channel in the Discord – or on the TIS forums.
    Thanks all! We’re all glad that Build 41 is still getting some positive buzz.
    This week’s image from VunderFiz, who just noticed we’d used his image on Discord and seems genuinely delighted. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
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    King-Salomon reacted to Fenris_Wolf in ORGM Rechambered   
    Since its been a while since I properly gave a mod status update (beyond discord chats or random workshop comments), its probably time to post one on the b41 / ORGM 4.0 update. There's still a ton of work to do before we have a working beta.
    WARNING: long read below....
    First thing worth mentioning is that OrMtnMan has stepped back into the fray and has been a massive help in getting things ready.
    With serious changes to the vanilla firearm code + movement mechanics in b41 the very core of the mod is no longer valid. The firing logic no longer fits, nor does its old methods of dynamically calculating many of the stats and how the firearm interacts with the players movements. Most of the mod needs to be redesigned (and re-imagined) from scratch.
    When b42 comes around with the hunting and further firearm changes, we could very well be in the same position we are now...having to rewrite everything again. Given the fact we need to redesign now, and possibly again in b42, both me and OrMtnMan agree the time is now to make some serious design changes to minimize the potential damage from future updates. Thus ORGM has been split into 3 separate projects:
    Realistic Firearm Framework
    All firing logic, core mechanics and everything that makes ORGM truly unique has been split into a new project, the Realistic Firearm Framework (github link) or RFF. All Zomboid specific code and concepts have been removed. Instead of calculating stats like range in PZ tiles, or damage in PZ units, it does calculations in a more natural format (feet, ft/lbs energy, fps velocities etc). 
    This will insulate the core mechanics and concepts from any future PZ changes, and allows for automated testing of the code components and logic, something much more difficult when the code was littered with PZ specific functions and concepts.  New features can be added with a drastically reduced testing period.
    The RFF is designed to be a application independent framework for realistic mechanics in any game or application that supports Lua, from 2d turn based strategy games to 3d FPS. (naturally open source, MIT license)

    The Data
    The second project to come out of the split is the data sets. The list of guns and everything we know about them, as well as cartridge specifications. For the last few versions, ORGM has defined is weapons based on the physical properties (feed system types, features, barrel lengths etc) instead of PZ specific stats.  The data for v4.0 is massively larger then previous versions of the mod, and since there's nothing Zomboid specific in the data, having it specifically tied to ORGM didn't make sense. These datasets can't really be included in the RFF either, since we'd like to avoid including trademarked names in a opensource framework.
    So the data is being separated and placed in a database format, that should eventually be a useful resource for shooters and gun nuts in general.  Right now theres over 170 calibers registered in the data, complete with SAAMI and CIP designations,  pressure ratings (both SAAMI and CIP), nominal bullet diameters, twist rates, cartridge capacity, links to wikipedia articles and CIP TDCC chamber and cartridge diagrams and specifications. 
    The gun data likewise gets more in depth then previous versions,  listing multiple variants (almost 100 AK's atm, thanks to OrMtnMan's assistance), fire modes, barrel lengths, sight types, finishes, rail systems, stock and grip types, and lots more...
    Not all of the data will end up being used in the mod, but its giving us a wide selection of items we can include later with most of the work already done.  At some point I'll provide a link to the data sets for people to browse, but not yet.
    With the separation of the core logic and data, the mod becomes a bridge (or interface wrapper) between PZ and the new RFF core, translating RFF stats (like projectile velocity and energy, or reaction times) into PZ specific stats. UI elements, context menus and all the PZ specific stuff will be contained and isolated in the mod.
    When PZ changes any potential damage to the mod will be limited and much easier to fix. On top of that, we'll be able to include features and mechanics in the core RFF that PZ may-not-yet support (but possibly will) such as mechanics for shooting from the hip or prone, allowing us to get ahead of the game. The drawback to the new design means a longer initial delay of a working 41 version. But hopefully the new mechanics and the even crazier level of detail will make it worth the wait. Lately I've been attempting to add a basic (but remaining realistic) interior ballistics simulation that would allow for accurate handloading mechanics.
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    King-Salomon reacted to lemmy101 in IWBUMS 41.18 released!   
    Next time if you'd prefer you can wait until MP is released and not be able to play SP at all in the meantime.  Your call.
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    King-Salomon reacted to nasKo in Thermal Expansion   
    Hey everyone! It’s been a busy week!
    Build 41 IWBUMs
    In the past week we’ve put a few builds out of our animation build beta, and response so far has been great! We’ve been responding to people’s feedback on character movement by tightening it up wherever possible. There may still be improvements to be made, but on the whole feedback has been very positive after various changes to locomotion and we feel we’re getting close.
    We still have issues with character and car saving being unreliable, which we continue to look into, and performance is an ongoing concern we will work on throughout the entire IWBUMs. There are still zombie spawning bugs that we’re still investigating. Most of the crashes have been solved, but a minority of players are still having issues that we are continuing to work on. There are numerous other issues, but we feel we’re starting to iron out the most serious and will be able to start cleaning up the less serious once we get to them.
    A lot of people have been enquiring about when multiplayer may drop into the build, and it’s not going to be imminent. The reason we released IWBUMs without MP was specifically because we anticipate the multiplayer work that is required to take at least a month, possibly more. Not least because the devs that need to take care of the multiplayer also have a pile of issues with the build that still need resolving to make sure the game plays well on single player. We know this is not ideal for those eager to get into multiplayer, however we hope you appreciate that we got you the single player game ASAP instead of holding it all back until it was done, and our plans are for build 41’s multiplayer to be significantly improved in stability and reduced lag and rubber-banding post IWBUMs, so should be worth the wait.
    The next animation system related feature we expect to drop in is the new zoom system, which as stated in previous Thursdoids will both eliminate a large amount of GPU memory being currently squandered on super-sampling a much huger game-screen than the resolution the game is running at (which may help some of those on weaker GPUs), reduce the general rendering overhead of zooming out, but also will provide much more detailed game characters on-screen since their rendering will no longer be bound to the resolution of the super sampled FBO. There are still issues to solve with this, so no timescale on it, but we consider it priority outside serious bug fixes so that we can get onto multiplayer support fully.
    Why is insulation not implemented yet? I hear you ask.
    As usual, the level of simulation planned for insulation is typical Zomboid levels of ridiculous depth. Turbo has been working on this for a while now, and while it’s proving tricky to balance the values to be stable, and has required a few iterations to get right, it’ll be worth the wait as it’s planned to provide an extremely realistic and detailed system for how your body reacts to temperatures and dampness, how heat escapes from your body, even down to how your blood vessels contract and dilate in various body parts. 
    Clothing you are wearing will affect you in numerous realistic ways, depending on whether it is wet or dry, its insulation properties, where they are placed, and other factors to make clothing even more important in future.
    Note not all this information may be presented to the player, and we’ll likely have more moodles to cover some of the details as ‘feelings’, as a character would likely not know accurately as to the amount of contraction of particular blood vessels.
    This is a project RJ’s been working on for a while whenever he has a quiet moment and no super pressing issues to fix, based on the model attachment system EP added, which we hope will dramatically improve player’s weapon and inventory management – as well as make their character’s look even cooler to boot.
    A special hotbar system will be making it to build 41, where some clothing will provide hotbar slots at the bottom of the screen that items can be placed in for quick access. Find a holster, and you’ll have a slot to place a pistol that correlates to a number key on your keyboard. The pistol will be visible in holster on the model and will be equippable at a faster speed via that hotkey. Weapons can be carried on the player’s back, or in their belt, and thus clothing that adds these slots will have a weight reduction bonus just like bags and other containers.
    This system should give survivors an extra way to prepare themselves and quickly equip weapons when they need them. We will likely expand this system in future, perhaps providing additional bonuses to equip speed and such dependant on the clothing providing the slot.
    Here’s a video. Please note however that only ‘equipping weapon from back’ has an animation currently, the others simply snap into hand, but this will be addressed before release.
    This week’s image from Airpex. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
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    King-Salomon reacted to nasKo in IWBUMsin   
    Hello all! Super quick Thursdoid this week as we’re on day 1 after the IWBUMs of build 41 yesterday. Just didn’t want to break the unbroken chain of Thursdoids/Mondoids we’ve had over the years!
    Feedback so far has been better than we could have hoped for. After a year of serious full-team development, it became hard to see the forest for the trees and judge how it would go down. We’re extremely happy to see people respond so positively. The main criticism/concern we see repeatedly brought up is related to the extra weight to movement and turning.
    We are looking to tighten this up a little more in future patches, but also after seeing our internal tester’s experience in adjusting to the weightier movement, we want to give people time to adjust so we don’t overfix something that just needs a bit of acclimatisation after years of playing without it, as the weight does add a lot to the game and visuals and we don’t want to tighten it too much as to jeopardise that.
    Regarding difficulty, which has also met with a few concerns amongst the appreciation, we’re steadfast on our commitment to keeping Survivor ridiculously hard, though we’ll try and tighten stuff up further and work to avoid cheap or unfair deaths that come from that difficulty. We will also expand and balance the Brawler and Builder modes, as well as potentially add additional ways to provide different play-styles and difficulty preferences to make sure everyone has a way to play the way they want to.
    We’ve also just pushed a little patch that should resolve some of the issues people have reported. We’ve not licked all of them yet, but have sorted out a good few of the day 1 problems and have some ‘possible fixes’ we won’t know until its out there. Changelist as follows:
    – Rebuilt jassimp64.dll with statically-linked c++ library (removes dependency on msvcp140.dll).
    – Fixed exception in MouseState with 2-button mouse.
    – Fixed lua error with climb-through-window context-menu command.
    – Fixed solidtrans objects next to windowframes-without-windows being solid.
    – Removed 3D-models and 3D-corpses options to fix invisible zombie bodies.
    – Removed AutoZombieManager.java which adjusted the number of 3D models
    based on performance.
    – Fixed exception with “New Roof-Hiding” = No option that causes black screen outside.
    – Fixed “welcome to build 41” being off-center.
    – Possibly fixed rainbow-colored bodies on Mac OS.
    – Possibly fixed failure to load bob/bob_idle animation on Windows using the Turkish (and potentially other) locales.
    That’s all! 
    This week’s image from MrSopal on reddit. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
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    King-Salomon reacted to lemmy101 in IWBUMS day 1 patch released!   
    Forgot to increment the version number and we have reduced devs today due to OMG FINALLY rest time, so forgive the lack of version change.
    – Rebuilt jassimp64.dll with statically-linked c++ library (removes dependency on msvcp140.dll).
    – Fixed exception in MouseState with 2-button mouse.
    – Fixed lua error with climb-through-window context-menu command.
    – Fixed solidtrans objects next to windowframes-without-windows being solid.
    – Removed 3D-models and 3D-corpses options to fix invisible zombie bodies.
    – Removed AutoZombieManager.java which adjusted the number of 3D models based on performance.
    – Fixed exception with “New Roof-Hiding” = No option that causes black screen outside.
    – Fixed “welcome to build 41” being off-center.
    – Possibly fixed rainbow-colored bodies on Mac OS.
    – Possibly fixed failure to load bob/bob_idle animation on Windows using the Turkish (and potentially other) locales.
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    King-Salomon reacted to Batsphinx in PUBLIC IWBUMS BETA - BUILD 41 RELEASED - Animations!   
    The public ‘I Will Back Up My Save’ beta for the long-awaited Build 41 is now open for testing by the Project Zomboid community.
    The IWBUMS beta is accessible to anyone who plays Project Zomboid. Right click Project Zomboid in your Steam library and hit “Properties”. Then, navigate to the betas tab and select the “iwillbackupmysave” branch from the dropdown menu.

    Those who test IWBUMS beta builds must be aware that what they’re playing is a work in progress.
    If you're having problems with IWBUMS, it is advised that you try verifying the steam cache, and if that doesn't work, completely uninstall and reinstall the game (while also deleting or renaming the installation folder as well as your userfolder in C:\Users\YourUsername\Zomboid). Steam is awkward at times
    The beta is put out for public consumption for player feedback and bug reports. Please direct gameplay feedback to our forum beta release thread, and bugs to this section of our forums.
    For further details on what IWBUMS testing entails, please check here.
    Build 41 is the most fundamental and wide-ranging update that Project Zomboid has ever had. We intend it to be a stable foundation for us to build on for many years ahead. For this reason too,however, we anticipate a fairly long public beta while all the various issues presented to us by community testers are spotlit and remedied.
    Some key features, primarily MP, are initially disabled in the IWBUMS beta build – and will be turned on during the testing process.
    Build 41 currently contains:
    New gameplay styles: Builder, Brawler and Survivor More deadly ‘Survivor’ (Survival) gameplay balance – player can be dragged down by horde and feasted upon etc. New survivor abilities: sitting, sneaking, sprinting, jogging, racking, reloading, climbing, fence-jumping, collapsing and much much more. New combat, new weapons, new difficulty balance. New character creation – many, many different new clothing options both on spawn and discoverable in the world as loot or on zombies. New zombie behaviour: feasting on recent corpses, lolling against walls, falling over fences etc. Blood system that progressively bloodies bodies and clothing of survivors and zombies New injury system – movement and combat visibly hampered when injured. Lacerations now possible, an injury state that lies between bites and scratches. Improved gunplay: green/red aiming outline, new guns, improved racking and reloading, increased gun loot spawn. Zombie Death Scenes – zombies discovered in the situations in which people died. Prayer meetings, sports-viewing parties, survivor zeds wearing backpacks etc. Situational zombie type/clothing and inventories – cop zeds in police station, firemen zeds in burnt buildings, Chef zeds in restaurant kitchens, bride and groom zeds at a wedding ceremony in church etc. Clothing protection: different clothing provides different levels of protection from zombie attacks. Visibly ripped and damaged clothing. New Sims-style cutaway vision system. Vehicle handling improvements, resizing and appearance tweaks. Updated, remastered and improved Kentucky-themed soundtrack. Original music still in rotation, and also accessible through game options. New SFX: weaponry, zombie moans etc. New water visuals – including visible flow direction. New puddle system during heavy rain. Broken glass and related injuries. Garage doors may be opened / closed and shake when hit. New Challenge maps: Film Set and Kingsmouth Vacation Island 3D Store Mannequins – can be dressed however you like Working washing machines and driers Server-side saving: MP save system now in a server-side database. Offline SP-side, also means no more lost cars via irl power outages. New game cursor New level-up sound, and tweaked levelling system. Faint isometric aiming cursor that shows where you’re aiming in iso space. New loot balance and loot balance system: houses and stores now have loot in the containers you would expect from real life – and not in a jumble. Two tiers of loot priority – allowing for more realistic ‘filler’ loot amidst the more valuable gameplay items. Many, many general fixes including remedies for: floating cars, farming issues, inaudible house alarms, erosion shrubs blocking vehicles, desensitized survivors being panicked by crawlers and much more. VISIBLE BACKPACKS! Build 41 and is the first (biggest) step in our overall plan to bring more life, variety and activity to the Knox Event. From this build onwards we will be adding in (and improving) our existing AI work layer-by-layer.
    Build 42, for example, will use the power of the Build 41 animations build to introduce animals and wildlife.
    We will also be releasing AnimZed, our animation tool, to the community during the IWBUMS beta process – meaning that modders will receive a huge boost in what they can create within PZ.
    During the IWBUMS beta process for Build 41 the following features will be re-enabled and/or improved.
    Multiplayer – alongside significant MP Networking improvements Improved visual fidelity of survivor character and zombies Further optimization to improve performance on both low and high end systems. Sprinter Zeds Fire visuals Tutorial Zombie skin appearance/decay Ability to repair ripped clothing WHAT ELSE?
    Due to the extent of engine and gameplay changes in Build 41, existing savegames will NOT be compatible.
    At the time of the full build release, for those wishing to continue playing on old saves, a Steam beta branch of the current Build 40 will be available – and will continue to be available at all times.
    This will be known as ‘PZ Classic’, and will also allow people to continue to play with their favourite mods until such a time as they are updated.
    Click here for a sneak vision into the future beyond build 41!

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    King-Salomon reacted to nasKo in Zedward   
    Hey everyone! First off, for various reasons we’ve decided we won’t be doing an organized stream this week. We know this may be disappointing to some, but comes for several good reasons – not least because a now days-long internet outage at one of our dev locations.
    (And, not ideally: the one hosting the build machine… which has made it more difficult to quickly get builds to internal testers this week. Though it hasn’t impeded development in any other way, thankfully).
    Since we feel we’re very much on the cusp of the 41 IWBUMS too though, we don’t want to overshare and for everyone to get too familiar with the build before it goes live, and streams themselves while extremely useful to us and exciting to those waiting can get in the way of development and add an extra stress to the team on top of all the existing scrub, fix and polish.
    There’s now a complete feature and balance lock on what will make it into IWBUMs, and what will drop in later on during the public beta process.
    As we’ve discussed before: this first build will be completely SP only, and MP support will be turned on during testing while we Community Megatest some more more robust multiplayer support with less rubber banding and stalling.
    Unfortunately the high res zoom stuff didn’t make the IWBUMS cut-off, there were few too many remaining issues still meaning it’d be safer to drop in at a later date once IWBUMs releases.
    Other things like split-screen, sprinter zeds, the tutorial, some challenges and various other elements outside the main game will also be disabled or diminished – all of which will need work to bring them up to date with the new animation system and systems surrounding it during the beta.
    Likewise Yuri’s new fire system (currently getting various new VFX effects created for them by a specialist in Canada) will also drop in during the pubic IWBUMs beta period.
    Regarding the aforementioned high-res zoom system, shown off notably toward the end of the DrunkOnLife stream, we’ve seen some confusion as to how this will impact performance. Despite the fact it is ostensibly called ‘high-res’, and improves the clarity of characters at full zoom, we actually seen evidence that this will lighten the rendering load a great deal, especially when zoomed out significantly.
    The new zoom system gets rid of the highly inefficient FBO supersampling that was used for zooming out (often rendering at 4k resolutions on 1080p resolutions) and instead simply scales all the textures it draws on the 1080 viewport.
    This causes various artifacts and issues, however, seams between the tiles when zoomed and such – which is the thing we wanted to fix before IWBUMS but just didn’t have enough time.  Once these are sorted, the only visual ‘side effect’ will be the higher resolution models.
    We will also look into ‘faking’ low res rendering via shaders, for those who have an issue with characters being higher res than the environment, but we anticipate the majority will enjoy the extra character detail. Initial reactions to it have been very favourable.
    Meanwhile, while all this is kicking off, Mash has been looking into improving the detail across character models. At first we looked into doubling the resolution of the textures to provide more fine detail, but as it transpired even on high res max zoom, this extra detail would be lost –general improvements however have still been made.
    One key thing she’s been working on is improving the zombie decomposition, and providing extra visible stages for decomposition over time.Here is one of the zombie skins, and the first three (WIP) states of decomposition:
    Obviously these too will drop in during IWBUMs, but along with additional ‘dead rotting juices’ overlays for clothing alongside holes and desaturation, we hope to make zombies progression as they decompose a lot more interesting and gross – especially in later builds when players boot up games and scenarios that occur later in the PZ timeline.
    There’s been a lot of balancing and discussion in response to the streams and tester feedback over the past week, trying to get the last kinks worked out of the system. Big things include finally nailing a thorny issue we’ve had with the character taking a small step toward a zombie when attempting to quickly run in the opposite direction.
    This was responsible for several streamer deaths over past weeks, and in the words of the anonymous tester whom has been very concerned about these issues for weeks now: “Reaction to control is excellent, and the character’s turns are delicious.” – which was music to our ears after weeks of concern about tightening up the character movement.
    Other areas we’ve been tightening up are knife attacks, making sure that stomps and floor swings never seem unfair in the hit box detection, and so many others that have led to rather impassioned discussions and various tests behind the scenes.
    We were very relieved to see that the Mac build, something we expected to be on fire, seemed to work fine for the most part. However,there were a few issues related to the character shader system making the character look rather odd with some clothing combinations. Investigations are ongoing.
    New Rimworld-esque game-style options mean new Spiffos: huzzah! Here he is in all his glory.
    This week’s image from an excited Frenchman again. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
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    King-Salomon reacted to nasKo in StreamZed III   
    Okay so first off, here’s the ways this week that you can inspect our work on Build 41. TWO WAYS, in fact.
    Number one: streamer Drunkonlife has a stream scheduled for Friday (tomorrow) at 10AM CDT / 4 PM BST – international timings seen here. His Twitch channel, meanwhile, can be found linked here.
    Number two: Project Zomboid regular Mathas has also had access to the new build and his first video from it can be found below.
    As will be seen in Drunk’s stream, and as can be seen in Mathas’ vid – especially with some performance chugs towards the end – there are still some bugs to iron out.
    Overall, however, these early testers seem to be having some fun – although Mathas clearly didn’t know about the new ‘sneak’ button so we need to flag that up a little more!
    A quick note on difficulty – as it was a hot topic in the comments beneath Cromulent Archer’sYouTube vid. We have been very insistent recently that we want to make the game harder – which is why bites from behind are more fatal, why three or more zeds can pull you down to the ground etc etc. This was the original ethos of PZ, our ‘Dark Souls hard’ Survival mode, and we don’t want to compromise on this.
    However, there have been valid points from fans of combat in previous builds that not everyone wants to play with such lethal zombies that discourage combat most of the time. As such, we’ve been brainstorming the best way to cater for everyone – and have landed on a play-styles concept inspired by the amazing game Rimworld.
    Survival will remain top of the list on the game selection screen (but will be renamed ‘Survivor’), which will then be followed by ‘Fighter’ and ‘Builder’. These names aren’t final, but in essence Fighter will provide a more combat friendly balance: still challenging, but with risks of combat balanced closer to Build 40 for those who want to get their frustrations out on zed heads.
    ‘Builder’ meanwhile will cater for those who want a more chilled experience: building, farming and exploring without too much peril from the zombies themselves.
    We hope that this will calm the fears of those who like to play the game with different play-styles, and to whom our hardcore Survival/Survivor mode is something of a turn-off.

    (It also shouldn’t go unsaid that we plan to have the current public version, 40, available as a Steam beta and to be known as ‘PZ Classic’ – so if anyone ever fancies going back and having a play with the old game they always can.)
    Since we introduced the new animations, we needed to make a change to allow characters to interact with each other better. Before, 3D characters were rendered onto off-screen buffers, shrunk down and drawn in place in the tile world just like the age old 2D character sprites.
    This meant that characters could never interact in a 3D space in the way that 3D characters should. For 41, we changed the system to render the characters directly into the world in isometric 3D space. This change can allow for example, a character’s arm to be around another character’s neck: something that would never be possible before.
    This, however, came with a downside: we used to be able to render characters larger, and shrink them down when rendering them in place, to obtain nice anti-aliasing. While the character animations and clothing look a lot better in the current streams and vids, they were a bit more ‘bitty’ and pixelly than before. Aspects of it still didn’t look great despite all the other improvements.
    As such, and as mentioned a few months ago, one thing we’ve been working on is to fix this. We demo-ed it earlier, but unfortunately it was so bug-ridden that we up until now we didn’t truly expect that it’d make it into the first rounds of IWBUMS testing. We’re hoping now, however, that this will not be the case.
    It’s all about zoom. Since zoom was first introduced, it’s worked in a rather inefficient way: using way too much texture memory and potentially causing additional strain on some people’s machines. Zooming used to work via creating an off-screen texture for the game world, and scale that texture in and out as you zoom. Therefore, at further out zoom levels you’d be often effectively be rendering 4k resolutions on one set to 1080.
    These vestigial remnants of really old code were holding back the game in various ways, particularly because the 3d character’s resolutions were limited by the resolution of this zooming texture,exacerbating the character pixelation described above.
    As such, in a side-branch to the current internal test build, we’ve pulled out all the zooming code, and restructured the way zoom works: now zooming all the tiles properly through opengl’s projection systems.
    Now, there are still some things to resolve: implementing mipmaps and a few other things to avoid any shimmering when zoomed out, filtering changes to avoid blurriness and so on. However now our rendered characters are not bound as before, and we can render higher resolution characters that are generally more pleasing to the eye and should hopefully reassure the few people who pointed out issues with the characters in build 41. [Ignore the brightness difference here by the way]
    Note this particular example still looks pretty good on the left, however on more complexly coloured and patterned clothing, this resolution often led to characters looking a lot less pleasing. This increased resolution, as well as looking much smoother, will allow us more scope for character customization and detail, such as tattoos and other things we previously deemed we didn’t have enough resolution to do properly.
    This week’s image from a Frenchman rather too pleased with his zombie zoning work, but it is pretty cool yes. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
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    King-Salomon reacted to lemmy101 in StreamZed II   
    Understand, this is just 'a build of a game you're waiting for' for you - this is our livelihood, reputation and future. It's not ready yet, it still needs a few important fixes, and even then it'll still have millions of bugs for you to find in iwbums. We're not releasing it until we're confident it is as close to playable that the reaction from the majority will be positive since a lot of people treat IWBUMs as 'complete' and have been waiting for years for this, and will think nothing of bad reviewing our game out of visibility if on their first play, beta or not, they don't like how it plays with all the changes. We want it out there ASAP and are not holding it back out of some evil sadistic glee, we're holding it back only as long as it takes to get our 'MUST BE FIXED BEFORE IWBUMS' list of serious issues wiped out, and just because you may not have seen these issues in the relatively short time you've watched someone (who had instructions on what to avoid) play doesn't mean they wouldn't cause you and many others serious issues if we released today.
    We have a LOT riding on this release going down well, we've sunk a TON of money into its development, and we need it to be positive and help push zomboid further out and get attention for something other than horrible bugs making it unplayable. Just because you think you'd be satisfied with it from the streams you've seen doesn't mean it wouldn't go down like a lead balloon and potentially screw us up going forward toward NPCs. We're already anticipating some pushback from some about the Survival difficulty and weightier controls and don't need game breaking bugs risking too much upset after such a long wait. We just need a week or two more to make sure we release the IWBUMs right and that's not going to change.
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    King-Salomon reacted to nasKo in StreamZed II   
    Hi everyone, blog-writer has been drenched in the vomit of children tonight so it’ll be short with occasional sweetness. (Even if the actual smell of the blog-writer is quite sour.)
    Item 1: We’re going to have weekly streams of the internal test build up until the public IWBUMS beta release. Last week’s with Mark.exe went really well, and was also super valuable in terms of all the team being present together to watch out for bugs and frailties.
    (Because of the usefulness of seeing the game played for an extended period for us, they’ll only be English language streams we’re afraid).
    This week, then, it’s the turn of Cromulent Archer.
    The Cromulent Archer will be streaming tomorrow (Friday) at 6pm Eastern US time – which equates to 10pm GMT, and 11pm BST. More international timings here. The vid will then also be hosted at his home on the YouTubes.
    So what will have changed from last Thursday’s Mark.exe stream? Read on, MacDuff…
    Overall the stream went very well, with almost every comment we’ve seen being positive about the longer look at the animation build: unedited and unfiltered. Something we were anxious about!
    Viewers got to see Mark limp around in a panic after a thigh injury, get eaten multiple times while reading his chat, dress up like your dad, sport a Spiffo backpack, and nearly but not quite wear a dress.
    The stream was, however, hit by a few gremlins: some graphical resolution bugs, errant zombie behaviour giving him a much easier time than he ought to have had, and a crash due to a vehicle bug that we’re still in the process of ironing out.
    Mark, in fact, had to turn vehicles off for the remainder of his playthrough – and it’s likely Crom will have to do similar tomorrow. However, the flow and steadiness of the gameplay encouraged us that beyond technical gremlins like these it’s getting closer and closer to being ready for the wider IWBUMS audience.
    As well as looking into said gremlins, then, we’ve also spent the week improving zombie grouping and attraction rates (rural surviving was just too easy for Mark, despite the tougher multi-zed combat) – while EP is also doing some exciting work with general pathfinding, although this will be a big change and as such might not be something that’s part of the IWBUMS beta on first release.
    Zac, meanwhile, has been spending more time on his optimization efforts, his AnimZed performance tracker and horde-handling – which is all part of our ongoing effort to bolster the new build’s playability on lower-end systems.
    Not a biggie, but still one that’ll have an impact – but we’ve added an optional isometric cursor when aiming, that will allow new players (or those who struggle with estimating the direction of facing from the mouse cursor when aiming) to see in isometric space where their mouse cursor is situated in relation to the ground plane of the character
    Since characters do not automatically turn as much now to engage zombies, having an accurate idea of the character’s facing is more important than ever, and we’ve tried to make something as unobtrusive as possible.

    Sadly due to what seems to be an LWJGL 2 bug we’re unable to turn the mouse cursor off when the cursor is visible, but it still looks pretty neat. As you may notice, we’ve also got the custom cursor system working so we’re finally free of the ‘default windows cursor’ lack of polish we’ve had on display for a long time. The shown cursor is not final however, and we are working on a more zomboid appropriate one as we speak.
    There has been a changing of the guard in terms of map creation. The remainder of the work on our version of Louisville will be undertaken by Binky and RingoD (who initially landscaped the overall ‘ground map’ of the area) – in order to free up Mash to improve the look, feel and general feeling of variety of the game in general.
    For example, her first mission is to add overlays thanks to EP’s addition of an overlay system to TileZed. So, for example, at the momen tshe’s adding numerous overlays to help make walls and floors look more natural and less tile-y.
    Cracks and worn away mortar around bricks, peeling off wallpaper, and other details will  appear throughout the entire map, and with Mash’s 100% focus on art instead of having to divide her time between that, buildings and assembling and dressing the map, she’s hoping to improve the visual detail of the Zomboid game world dramatically.
    A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
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    King-Salomon reacted to nasKo in StreamZed   
    Hello, so slightly different Thursdoid this week.
    The big question in the community is currently ‘when IWBUMS beta?’ which, while we are close, we don’t like to give a concrete response to as gremlins always have a tendency to leap from the woodwork. No worse release estimate, than a missed release estimate. (That said: weeks, not months for the IWBUMS beta.)
    So, instead, we thought the best thing to do would be to let the community see the current internal test build ‘live’ – so you can all see the current version with all its blemishes, and hopefully most of its coolnesses.
    As such from an intended start-time of 9pm BST tonight Mark.exe will be streaming the current internal version of PZ Build 41.
    Mark.exe’s channel can be found here.
    A handy international timezone guide to when 9pm lands in your country can be found here.
    We hope that the build is relatively clear in terms of show-stopping bugs BUT there have been a few crashes reported from testers during the day.
    PLEASE be patient with us, and with Mark, if there are any technical issues that rear their heads – this is a work-in-progress version and not even officially a beta just yet.
    Movement animations, if they look weird at all, are very likely on our ‘to polish’ list. That said, fingers crossed y’all will enjoy it.
    Far and away the biggest change this week came as a result of some serious discussions about the responsiveness of the main player controls.
    For the entirety of anims development the mission had been to balance the increased realism of movement and increased presence with the slight lag of control you have from the character moving realistically: with character footsteps actually accounting for movement, instead of an internal switch that’s flicked the moment you press a key.
    Many AAA games have a slight delay in movement, even extremely amazing and popular ones such as Red Dead Redemption 2, so overall we thought this was a noble aim. The end results of which however, amidst a lot of positives, led to grumbling from internal testers. This week then, we experimented – tightening it further. Trying to push it to its very limit of control responsiveness, without the animations looking robotic.
    We tightened blend times between standing idle and walking, tightened blends when turning etc, and now we think we’ve found a much tighter balance. Most of the internal testers, re-accustomed to the weightier movement through extended play, were already pretty much satisfied with what we had – but all now agree that the tightening of these screws has made things better.
    As such we’re now feeling a lot more confident that, after some adjustment period once both beta and final version are live, most established PZ players will have far less issues over how animations have changed the feeling of mobility within the game. Which has come as a relief.
    After we showed off ‘combat while moving’ last week there were community concerns raised that it would be very easy to ‘kite’ the zeds – continually batting them off and keeping yourself safe from the horde.
    This… is less of a problem now.
    A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
    When IWBUMS does go live please note that the hat shown in the linked video is a posh lady’s wedding hat and NOT a sombrero. This is of paramount importance. Thank you.
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    King-Salomon reacted to lemmy101 in Far from the Zedding Crowd   
    A big aspect in build 41 has been the combat balancing. We wanted to make the one on one combat feel a lot easier, where fighting with groups would be much much more deadly.
    This however has been too successful if anything, and we ended up with groups being SO deadly it was actually near impossible to survive a few fights with small groups, which ended up way too punishing even for ours, the most masochistic of gaming communities. (Sorry)"
    To reiterate, you haven't played build 41. You're comparing it to 40, but as we've stated repeatedly, the entire combat system has been 100% replaced, rewritten from scratch, from what you're playing already, so we're balancing based on that, not what you're currently playing. Where you can get grabbed and bitten at a moment's notice. Where if at any point three zombies get close to you they will right there and then drag you to the ground and kill you instantly? Where any zombie that sneaks up behind you is almost guaranteed to take a chunk out of your neck? Where basically ANY 1v2 fight are not only difficult but ends 99% with you getting a bite the moment you swing at one of them, are unable to move, and the other gets into range during your swing?
    Without the strafe moving, build 41 was literally about 10x harder than build 40 that you're playing, and everyone including extremely seasoned players in closed testing agreed it was way too punishing and would piss everyone off, and every one of them to a man/woman were celebrating the strafing combat as 'that's the last piece of the puzzle, and exactly what was needed', and you're making judgement calls on balance we're doing to build 41 based on 'it already being too easy' in build 40 - its kinda frustrating as I said above we're considering the ramifications of strafe moving on kiting etc to make sure it doesn't break the difficulty, just provides more scope for players to avoid certain death within their first few encounters.
    We already stated we're going to ensure that difficulty is not compromised by kiting, we're balancing hit damage, zombie reactions, chance of knockdowns, speed of backward strafing, all manner of things to make sure strafing is not OP. But the game being IMPOSSIBLE to survive for a decent playlength was not good balance either. Our end goal for the balance is it will be deadly to try and fight against 3+ zombies with a start character. But taking on a couple of zombies at once you'll have a chance of getting away alive, and killing a single zombie on its own will be not too bad providing it doesn't get the jump on you. We have a very specific plan for balance and the goal is that groups will be much scarier than they are in build 40, but if we go too far (how it was prior to this addition) it will turn off all but the most skilled players and even those may get extremely frustrated before long.
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    King-Salomon reacted to nasKo in Far from the Zedding Crowd   
    After last week’s big vid bonanza it’s something of a ‘techie’ behind the curtain blog today, but hopefully there’s enough to keep your proverbial up.
    With the animated rotation tech front largely under control, we are now working on the next big ticket item we’ve been wanting to get in pre-IWBUMS.
    Any good apocalypse needs a good healthy horde of ravenous undead. That said, please ignore the fact that all the above ones are bald. Call it a comeback I guess, or more likely a bug.
    Zac’s current challenge is to be able to draw large quantities of articulated, walking, shambling, crawling, eating, and swarming zeds at a reasonable frame rate. Right now it’s okay-ish on a decent system, but wouldn’t stand up to a huge amount of zombie horde herding – which we know is a favourite pastime of PZ players.
    Crowd Rendering is a collective term that involves a number of techniques that take advantage of the large numbers of crowds to make the process much more efficient.
    To know where to aim, however, it’s a big help to have intimate knowledge of just how the PZ engine is performing, and where the hot-spots are. Toward this end, we are adding a Performance Analyzer module to AnimZed.
    Instead of a general list of hot-spots from a broad sampling of the running game, this will allow us to see a sequence of frames and the story of each rendered frame from start to finish.
    We will know what happens in the RenderThread and the UpdateThread, from start to finish, and will be able to measure the cost of each step, and validate the benefits of any optimization technique on a step-by-step basis.
    Or, at least that is the hypothesis. The initial implementation is the bare bones required to get us some useful data. If it proves useful, it will be allowed to stay and get improved as we go along through the builds of the future – not to mention help us optimize in other areas of the game.
    A big aspect in build 41 has been the combat balancing. We wanted to make the one on one combat feel a lot easier, where fighting with groups would be much much more deadly.
    This however has been too successful if anything, and we ended up with groups being SO deadly it was actually near impossible to survive a few fights with small groups, which ended up way too punishing even for ours, the most masochistic of gaming communities. (Sorry)
    As such, due to the new animation system’s ability to allow animations to play only on the top half of the body, RJ has made a change that allows you to strafe while shoving and swinging your weapon.
    The upshot now is this has added a whole new element to combat, instead of being rooted to the spot for the duration of the swing, the player has more tactical options for positioning. It still needs some further bug fixing and balance (we may consider applying some malus to damage when moving during a strike if it’s necessary) but overall it’s working really well.
    We’ve clearly got a lot of internal testing going on at the moment – and it’s spotlit a few issues we need to clear up. (Although they’re arguably not IWBUMS-delaying at the minute, so don’t worry about that aspect of it). A prominent one is looting not playing nicely with rotationals, and causing a ‘Robocop turn’ at the end of player pathfinding to cupboards, lockers etc. Elsewhere we’re polishing a lot of the changes between movement states and bickering about keypresses, toggles and other aspects of player input. All the fun of the fair. Yuri is back on his work on improved fire visuals. This won’t be a part of the initial IWBUMS release, but we probably will want to be integrating it during the IWBUMS beta process – as it’s the last graphical overhang from the earliest days of PZ and currently looks ugly as sin on the new models. Internal testing of the extremely WIP (many builds far distant) Louisville map went really well, with a good variety of buildings being felt and general city size seeming expansive. It has, however, also been fruitful in showing us that to ‘feel’ built-up then things have to be tighter on-screen – so we will be removing a lot of the parking lots we previously had in downtown areas, so it all feels more compressed. Radio silence, bar the very occasional screenshot, on our version of Louisville shall now recommence! This week’s boardroom meeting from VOVKA. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
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    King-Salomon reacted to Hydromancerx in Hydrocraft Mod   
    Hydrocraft v.11.1 has been released!
    Which includes...
    LUA Changes
    - Added Hemp to Potted Planting
    - Added Beer Can Packs, Jello Mold, Large Can of Coffee, Alcoholic Beverages Cookbook, Coffee Filter Box to Item Distribution
    - Increased Baking Tray, Electric Clamp, Coffee Filter spawn rate
    - Fixed Honey Barrel not turning into Mead Barrel
    - Juices can now only be made with Fresh fruits
    - Reduced MRE Spawn and will give less MREs per box
    - Fixed Cougar Hunting
    - Small changes to farming code that will (hopefully) resolve rare cases of Hydrocraft crops breaking on server crash
    - Removed remaining HCTireiron associations
    Added/Changed/Removed Recipes
    - Bar/Drinks Overhaul - Need to read the Alcoholic Beverages Cookbook to learn recipes
    - Rework of Irish Coffee recipes - now uses a Glass of Whiskey instead of whole bottle and does not use whole coffee recipient anymore
    - Coffee Overhaul - New Large Can of Coffee item, can make Kettle of Coffee and pour into cups
    - Renamed "Regular" Coffee (Coffee2) to Instant Coffee - Can make Instant Coffee directly with a Cup of Water
    - Changed Katana sound - same sound as swords
    - Increased Whipped Cream Can to 50 hunger
    - Can now boil water in Canteens/Birch Bark cup
    - Adjusted weight of Cookie Bags
    - Making Gunpowder and base game bullets now require Gunsmithing Book
    - Added nutritional value to Classic Canned Soup
    - Added "Empty" Container for food recipes
    - Added Chocolate and Vanilla pudding recipes
    - Added Pipe recipes with Pipe molds
    - Added Make Metal Bar recipes
    - Added Bar Mold item & recipe
    - Added Craftable Windows & Windshields
    - Added Empty Ink Well & Ink Well recipes along with the recycle recipe
    - Added Quill item & recipe & icon
    - Added Recycle Aluminum (Empty Propane Tank) recipe
    - Added All Pallet of Ingots - Pack / Unpack recipes
    - Added dismantle recipe for Iron & Steel Pulleys
    - Added Recycle Recipes from Iron Wheel & Steel Wheel
    - Added Scrap Aluminum & Scrap Plastic & Scrap Rubber and respective recycle recipes
    - Added Dismantling for Scissor Lift, Fork Lift, Van de Graff, SteplAddeder and Copy Machine
    - Added Copy Machine with Generator item & recipe / Added Return Generator from Copy Machine with Generator recipe
    - Added Brass Sheet & Brass Scrap and its respective craft and recycle recipes
    - Added Rubber Belt item & recycle recipe
    - Added Pallets of Steel Sheet, Copper Sheet, Rubber Sheet, Tin Sheet, Iron Sheet, Metal Bars, Aluminum Pipes items and their respective recipes
    - Added Dismantling for Pallet Truck, Toy Wagon, Hand Dolly, Shopping Cart, Push Cart, Glove Box, Lawn Mower, Radiator, Projector, Bed Strings
    - Added Coffee Filter Box
    - Added Custom Smoking Sound (Thanks jiggawutt!)
    - Removed PVC pipes to steel recipe
    - Removed "Cut Steel Pipes" book recipes
    - Removed 2 old recipes in Welding Textbook (Construct Barricades)
    - Removed Hot Cuppa recipes and items (replaced by new Coffees)
    Fixed Recipes
    - Fixed Jar Homemade Yogurt Recipe
    - Fixed Empty Baking Tray Recipe (Wrong name for Baking Tray with Fruit)
    - Fixed Make Homemade Pancake Batter Recipe
    - Fixed sounds when breaking Wood/Metal items (knives etc.)
    - Fixed Grits and Cheesy Grits "Make bowl" recipe
    - Fixed Juice packet not being used when Mixing MRE drink
    - Fixed SmithingMag4 not returning correct magazine after reading
    - Fixed Typo in Boredom value of HCMREmeal and HCMREmealside
    Art Changes
    - Added 2x Chicken Coop
    - Added 2x Chicken Coop
    - Added 2x Gardening Bench
    - Added 2x Oil Press
    - Added 2x Dissection Table
    - Added 2x Grind Stone
    - Added 2x Stonewheel
    - Added Homemade, Chocolate Chip Cookie, White Chocolate Cookie Trays
    - Fixed size of Workbenches, MRE Pallets and various other textures
    - Fixed broken icon on Empty Evaporated Milk - Also properly named
    - Renamed Pies, Pumpkin Bread icons to change state properly when Cooked
    Tested bug reports - No issues found (build 40.43)
    - Problems with bullets boxes - Hydrocraft add recipes to make boxes of 9mm, .223, .308 and shotgun bullets - recipe to open the boxes are included in base game
    - Thanks to everyone who helped!
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    King-Salomon reacted to nasKo in Twisted   
    Hello everyone! Another ‘just getting on with things’ Thursdoid update. As we work on the last remaining tasks required before IWBUMS, we’ll do a little run through what everyone’s been up to this week! There is some really cool progress to show!
    Rotational Work
    Zac, as we’ve said over the past few Thursdoids, has been neck deep in implementing a rotational blending system. The amount of work this has been has been pretty immense, requiring refactoring huge amounts of the game’s code which deals with character angles and rotations. After much work, he’s finally started to get to the stage where the rotational blending system is falling into place.

    First a video:
    This is only the first step, but we’ll hopefully be seeing the rest of the system fall into place soon now the stage has been set. Next will be adding the turning on the spot step animations, which allow the lower body to turn once the upper body’s reached its limit of twisting the hip.
    In Zac’s own words: “We are getting closer to more organic character rotation behaviour. Previously, the character’s rotation was done by interpolating their rotation angle. This did not involve the character’s skeleton at all, making for some pretty robotic behaviour. The character’s feet just slide on the floor as they turn around.
    The character’s internals have have been undergoing some heavy re-modelling. The animation system is now getting involved. Rotation is now split into target and twist. The character can now specify whether they are turning or not, and how far they can twist their body and how fast.
    A good bit of math has also been written up for determining relative rotations, ranges, transforms, and interpolation.

    Some states are suitable for twisting, like when standing still and aiming a weapon, while others are not, like climbing over fences.

    The animation system incorporates these values into the skeleton. The twist is performed by rotations staggered across the character’s spine. ie. The twist starts just above the pelvis, the chest rotates some more, the shoulders, and then finally the neck. This makes for a more organic feel to the character’s rotation.
    More work is still to be done, but this is how it looks today. “
    Elsewhere, Yuri has been fixing up some final bugs on the MP save database system, that will not only make vehicles more persistent in the cases of crashes and game quits, but should provide us with some additional security against inventory hackers on MP servers.
    After much internal discussion on what to give away to players in terms of profession costumes, Martin has been creating some additional branded t-shirts to go with various professions in the game.
    EP has been up to some very cool stuff! It’s all still in the early experimetal phase of poking at the car model system, so no guarantees if it’ll be in the IWBUMs but its way too cool not to show:
    That’s everything for this week!
    This week’s fashion show from our very own MartinG! A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
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    King-Salomon reacted to nasKo in Mannequin vs. Zed   
    Ello ello. First thing first, the Steam Summer Sale is currently on – and it’ll likely be the last time you can get PZ in a sale before a price rise that will come alongside the animations build. So if you’re a bystander wondering about diving into the Knox Event, then now is probably a good time!
    Since last week we’ve finally gotten sprint mechanics fully integrated into the game. The idea behind sprint is to differentiate between a ‘fast jog’ and a short term sprint at maximum speed. The two are being balanced as follows:
    Fast jog: players will be able to maintain this for long periods, keep a level of control over their movement and stop quickly – but they will not be as fast as what you’re used to in terms of high-level PZ sprinting.
    Short term sprint: a sudden burst at a maximum speed. With this the character will maintain a much greater pace, with the cost of more stamina lost, louder footsteps and a much wider turning circle.
    In sprint you’d also have greater potential for accidents, particularly with clumsy characters if sprinting over/near obstacles or into walls. Those with high sprint/athleticism levels will be able to clear fences while sprinting – although clumsier and low skill survivors could well be advised to avoid this as a tumble/fall will be likely.
    Please note that this has only been recently integrated, so the following vid is highly WIP! We’ll do a slicker presentation next week when it’s been more polished.
    Next up: a progress report on a huge anim tech system that’s one of our ‘needs to be done before IWBUMS’ biggies. In this case, it’s pretty much been done now – albeit with one sizeable tech issue that needs resolving.
    Anim masking means that when an animation is playing, it can be set to only play on certain bones of the character’s animation skeleton. The most obvious use of this being only upper body.
    Before this tech, it was impossible to, say, play a reload animation while walking, or eat while walking. Martin would have had to animate ‘walking while eating’, ‘walking while reloading’ and also every transition animation possible. Now, however, we can play the reloading animation on the upper body while the legs continue playing the walking animation.
    We’ve also done some reorganizing of the game code’s player states, to allow timed actions (those with a bar over the character’s head, used for everything including eating to reloading) to be able to be carried out at the same time as the character’s other major states used for walking, running etc.
    As stated above, there’s still one big issue to resolve with this, which is a technical point relating to how the skeletons are organized within the game. The result being that items held in hands will not behave correctly in cases when the character’s hands have been made lower to the ground due to another anim – sitting for example. This makes actions like ‘eating on floor’ cause the item held in the hand to appear where it would be had they been stood up – which makes it look a bit broken.
    There are still discussions going on as to the best way to fix this – a big chat between Zac, Mark and our gang is ongoing – but we’re currently looking for quickest way to remedy it when there’s such a vast animation set to get through.
    Here are two vids showing some of these masked anims, with the usual “WIP!” warning lights flashing. Especially with the seated one. Reloading looks cool though, right?
    And now here’s another vid that displays the floating-item issue that we’re currently working on.
    Once the anim masking is 100%, the last big pieces to slot into place are hooking it all into MP and rotational blending – before polish and major bug fix duties. We’ve explained it before, but for clarity, this rotational system is required to allow:
    Anims for characters to turn on the spot to any angle An anim for characters stopping while running and thrusting into a run at a different angle Anims for zombies hearing a player nd turning their head toward them, before turning and stumbling in their direction Any general animation that contains otation within them that needs to conceivably work at any 360 degree angle, and be able to blend between the base compass position animations provided by Martin. These are especially important to the game as right now the character turns with a turning circle like they are a vehicle, which makes them extremely awkward to move precisely indoors. It’s not obvious from the videos, but you’d find it annoying to play.
    ChrisW is still working with us, and is improving his cutaway system so it’s clearer where doorways and windows are – and are no longer big scary black lumps of probable doom.

    EP has had a bit of fun, and has used the new anims and models system to create mannequins that can be moved into safehouses and dressed however a shopkeeper’s (or survivor’s) might like them to be dressed…
    This week’s Terror for the Autons from Sasha. A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
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