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  1. Thank you guys, this game is each release more immersive!
  2. uhm, i have osx so i shouldn't be able to see the launcher, but i noticed something odd: i had v.19 ... now i have .17 . is this normal ?
  3. i would like to update my informations: for some reason, in the same areas as before, my framerate dropped to unplayable levels, sometime it stays below 8 fps
  4. I like this very much. MOre ways to have food!
  5. by map i mean the world map, houses,grass,trees,etc
  6. If there are ones in the area IRL, they will more then likely be added. Generators would not be need as the weight of the remaining water would create a surprising amount of pressure. If there is still water in the tower all you would have to do is crack open a near-by fire hydrant . well, that is true, but what i meant is simply a way to allow the water flowing again in the sinks/toilets/basins. I don't really know very much how a water tower works, but i believe that it could be rewarding ,for a group of players, to gather their forces and be able to use tap water again
  7. TL;DR. Please consider creating some tiles that the players could interact with. Not just containers. --- while posting about water towers, i thought that you can't really interact with the map objects. with this i mean that the map (at the current moment) is just a container of items. What about some buildings/entities that allows interaction ? a water tower could be used with generators to open the acqueduct again for some time, for example. A radio station ,with generators, could provide the players with some informations. Another kind of interaction: a lot of houses nowaday
  8. About this topic: is there the intention to build water towers on the map? i'm thinking about an interaction like the following: 1) electricity goes out 2) playerS bring generators to water tower 3) acqueduct is considered in working condition (so the sinks are usable,etc ) for a certain amount of time 4) generators stop working 5) acqueduct goes off again
  9. i have an "old" macbook pro, an intel core 2 duo @ 2,4 GHz , 4gb ram, and an advanced over-the-top high-end NVIDIA GeForce 320M with 256 mb (lol) the framerate is about 18-25 fps.
  10. Hi all, some suggestions.. (i don't know if i should write in italian or english, i'll do a mix... ) Osservazioni generiche: Ogni tanto le traduzioni finiscono con uno spazio, non so se è voluto o un errore. Main screen / Traits / Professions Credo che la traduzione corretta di "Traits" sia caratteristiche Context Menu: Tratta problema : non penso che sia usato in italiano "oggi ho trattato un problema" ... credo sia più verosimile/ attuale "Risolvi problema" Piccolo Tavolo / Grande tavolo : solitamente in italiano gli aggettivi vanno dopo il soggetto: si usa rarissimamente "piccolo XY
  11. The walls on the roof of the big safehouse are not solid (you can pass through them) [ 10615, 9307, 2 ]
  12. in these suggestions the one i mostly agree with is the first one: In a multiplayer environment i believe it could be quite dangerous to underestimate the survival times of a group of players: and their "tools" consumption rate. I believe that given a decent amount of time, every survivor should be able to craft his/her primary needs.
  13. sorry, i didn't find those post because i was looking for different terms in the search
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