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  1. Uhh... So how exactly did your baby cousin spend $1,000 from your steam account?
  2. I don't think that is an answer anyone has. Not even the Indie Stone. I am sure they have ideas similar, if not the same as yours. However, I imagine it is a matter of what they believe is possible once they reach that point.
  3. Yes, some clothing has functionality beyond protection and insulation. Your example of sneakers is spot on, they do have a better running speed than say boots or "shoes". I have not performed metal working much, as that isn't usually my go to style of play, but on Youtube, I always see people use the welding helmet when using the blow torch and I see them take it off after. I have no clue if the helmet is required or what happens if you are not using the helmet. Maybe they are just role playing. I don't know. Try it and let us know.
  4. I usually use right click and space bar to shove them down and then stomp on them. If you learn how to time your movements and learn how to maintain proper spacing, you can take out 3 or 4 bare handed just by shoving them and stomping on them. It will take some time, as sometimes you may get 2 or 3 stomps in and have to back up due to incoming zombies, however, those 2 to 3 stomps are not fruitless. Every stomp counts. However, I also play extremely aggressive.
  5. As dark as this is, suicide by firearm should be added into the game. There have been times where I know it's over and I am just ready to start a new character in the same world, so I am forced to drink bleach (If I have any) instead. If the animations are indeed already there and it is just a matter of when, then this is exciting news.
  6. Try a default survival game with a character with no traits first and see if the issue persist. If not, then we know it has something to do with your settings. If the issue does not persist in a default survival with no traits, try a game with a character with NO traits and YOUR custom world settings. If issue persist: you know it is something with your world settings. If not: Try a game with only the selected character traits and default survival world settings. If the issue persist: you know it has something to do with your traits and not the world settings. Try these things and let us know what your findings are. This method of elimination will assist us in discovering 'where' the issue is and in turn, we will discover 'what' the issue is.
  7. Just curious, why do you guys chase achievements and badges? What is their value?
  8. I hate to give this answer, but I imagine you can use the process of elimination and say that anything that doesn't fall into the other categories likely falls into "other".
  9. I have had games where I have had more cigarettes than I will ever smoke. I have also had games where I was reading regular books like they were crack because I could not find any cigarettes at all and needed to become less anxious. I can't bring you fancy numbers and details from the games settings like those above me have, but I'd say it is pretty random.
  10. I never considered a vehicle as a hiding place. The zombies can see you in the car, there are windows on all sides. I am sure all of the things they have added this year had a post at one point in time prior to their additions asking if "x will ever be implemented".
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