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  1. Hi Going to start with the falling, more specifically, while tripping over. Recreate this by getting injured enough to trip over low fences while sprinting. Sprint towards a ledge and observe as you complete a full trip over animation in midair, floating in the process, before starting to actually fall. Barefoot environment scratches. I am not talking about zombies scratching, or even walking over broken glass, I am talking about walking down roads/gravel/woodland, barefoot, without socks or shoes. Observing that indoors isnt so bad, but outdoors I am constantly besieged with scratches, understandable, im bare foot on asphalt and gravel. Trying again with a character using thick skinned, showed exactly the same effect, at around about the same rate. Feel thick skinned should reduce, or even stop your feet scratching from walking around on gravel/grass/asphalt. No brainer that walking on glass would still cut your feet but this feels very strict on normal and unavoidable outdoor surfaces, even receiving scratches on grass.
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