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  1. Yes that makes sense. Thanks so much for replying to this discussion!
  2. I solved it? I deleted everything in the Project Zomboid folder in the c drive intending to remove all trace of the game and restart. I quickly decided to start the game from steam and it worked as normal, although I have not tried to play it yet. Will this cause problems down the line for me you think?
  3. no, as in when i try to open the file it says that the file is invalid
  4. it says that my logs.zip file is invalid?
  5. https://pastebin.com/1kF8NFXW i created a new one, here it is i can see quite few "MISSING" messages and "ERROR" messages just by skimming through it. Thanks!
  6. when i launch Project Zomboid a brief black screen appears with some code on it, before crashing. I'm sure the problem is on my end but I have so far not found a solution. I have tried: uninstalling and reinstalling, changing various codes in the options.ini file, turning steam overlay off whuile playing, and typing -novoip and -nosound into launch settings. I have copied and pasted the contents of my console.txt file onto pastebin which you can find via this link: https://pastebin.com/1tt7fjRR (I have successfully used Project Zomboid for a few hours before this problem started occurring) I would really appreciate any help on this issue- thanks in advance!
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