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  1. It makes sense to lock the soundtrack inside the game files so people can't just rip it from there instead of paying for the music, but I would really like to be able to make personal changes to those music files, and I don't mind paying for the soundtrack to get that ability to.
  2. The animation update is really, really nice and adds a lot more polish to the game then the previous builds. I've really enjoy these updates, but there's 2 major issues with the controls/movement that needs worked on. The first issue is the sluggishness of changing directions, which is really the major source of clunk. I've seen a fair share of complaints about it, and overall it's not very difficult to get used to, but it does consistently feel like you're fighting against the controls more often than not, kinda like how recent Rockstar games handle. If it took <75% of the time to switch directions compared to now, I'd think it'd really help make them feel tighter. They really shouldn't have any fight to them at all considering how much your life in-game depends on them. The second issue I'm still trying to figure out, but has constantly been responsible for getting me killed in playthroughs. I'm not sure if it's intentional, but whenever I get attacked by a zombie, there's a ~3 second window of vulnerability, which is completely fine on its own, but plenty of times I get completely frozen in place in order for a bite animation to carry out, and I could be desperately holding down sprint or shift or any key to try to get the hell out of there and RUN, but I won't move at all during that animation, which usually leads to even more zombies coming over, another bite animation to cycle through, rinse and repeat, then I immediately get crowded and killed. I can completely understand the idea of being immobilized because of being attacked, that makes sense, here though it seems more like an issue with the controls rather than something I'm doing wrong. I'm just BSing but it's like there's no animations for getting bit while running, only for standing. So I'd be running, get attacked, stop for the animation, then wait ~3 seconds before I can move again. It's honestly the entire reason I wanted to make a bug report because there's been numerous times I've desperately tried running away from attacks like that and I just plain couldn't because of this weird little issue. It really stinks because it's a tiny glaring flaw that's just enough of a problem to ruin my whole run. Otherwise the game is fantastic and I can't wait to see more in the future.
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