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    Hi, great work ! Do you know if Yuri will end his work on the build 41mp before the end of summer (or the year) ? I've started a thread but i didnt have a answer. Thx for the answer (moderator can you give me the link to the precise schedule i dont find it, no offense)
  2. Im a shadow follower of the game and I need to speak to you devs ! prologue : Hi, I am a french player and I played with my friends to project zomboid in mp quite recently but follow the game since the beginning (i was a young man, my beard is going withe now). I made numerous of my friend bought the game full price. We played on our own server and we go around the thing pretty fast. We were six, we buildt a base, explore, scavenge things and then, then ... After few days and night in the real life playing your game we look eatch other and we concluded that we had no goal anymore. Our base was full of everything and nothing new was to be found or done out there. I'm pretty sure you've heard this so many times. I would say that life expectancy of this game is proportionate to the number of player cooperating together (in mp of course). sensation : We have been waiting for the next mp update for a year now and we dont expect much than cosmetic change and animation improval. But even for this few content it takes way too long. Your game is a f+g gold mine and you are very lucky that no major videogame company just copy the main ideas of PZ and did what you should have done and finished YEARS ago. I follow your work and the news you published, waiting endlessly to see the 41 MP coming out (without any kind of a story or NPC or something to increase the life of the game and interest for mp). I read "it's coming in few weeks", "then the next month" etc, ... and then ... and then ... nothing... thruth : You should say : MP 41 will be release in 2022, NPC wont be release until 2024 (or admit it is too hard and indies will never do it period), scenario will be release around the year 2026 or may be around 2030. Your taking your time, ok, that long it is a shame but ok, JUST SAY IT. Tell us a true and credible schedule of the future of the game. NEED ANSWERS (in years) : When are you going to release MP for build 41 ? When will you implement NPC, and sincerely, will you ever do it ? When will you implement mission in the game, and sincerely, will you ever do it ? conclusion : You have made a great game, greatest as the disapointment you creating announcing things way way way too soon before it came reality.
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