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  1. That looks similar to what I reported in another building which in itself has been reported before too.
  2. Trick with this barricade is to use a zig-zag like | | | ~~~ | ~~~ |^ removable one is the middle one (you need 3) | | So that there is a direction accessible from both sides. I had the opposite issue of getting locked out. Used it in a city base to block off external doors from this place (map) , great zombies cannot get in. But after the helicopter event I had a ton of them milling around. This is on day 5 or 6. So still was watching TV and reading books. Eventually I figured why not lead them away, bet I can outrun them... Yeah that actually worked, however the rope that I used to jump down was destroyed when I managed to come back and fight my way back to the entrance... So I had no way of getting back, thankfully because I barricaded every door with those, I was able to eventually make my way to the hair salon and remove the barricade that way. However also keep in mind that its a great way to keep mobs out, its also absolutely insane way of collecting a metric ton of zombies. Guess I left TV on upstairs so they were all going insane trying to get in. Pretty sure I had at least 20-40 all trying to walk into that area. Ended up having to use a honking car to get them out and even after that I had to go through about 20 (very slowly) just to get in. Nearly died when a bunch of zedz heard me from the adjacent building and "popped over for lunch". Had to leg it and slowly beat them down. *** Idea *** I think we definately need to make them jumpable (they are not so tall so being able to see through them is nice too), but gotta have some other way of getting back into the base, like a grappaling hook or something you can carry to throw into the open window and climb up (maybe linked to aiming)...
  3. I have also tried reloading the save with all mods disabled - the effect is still the same. *Steps* Given I am in the large werehouse in Muldraugh. And I have knocked out the railings on the second floor And have built wooden floor And I still have the roof above And (optional) wait for rain When I walk in the new area *Expected* Then I am able to see the rest of the werehouse floor And I am still inside the werehouse And I hear werehouse sounds *Actual* Then I am not able to see the rest of the werehouse And I can see rain animation And the bucket does not get filled And I hear outside sounds And I do not see werehouse light And I am affected by temperature outside (while sleeping)
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