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  1. mamen963

    Released: Build 28.3

    Seriously? What brand was it? I have tried on numerous occasions to light it on fire without any success. How much alcohol was it percetage-wise? And to RJ, for example we have 50 zombies in this cell, when I kill them all, will it be replenished to 50 again over time? Or will the zombies actually build up over time to a higher number if they weren't all killed? I would like very much to know how the respawning functions. 60% Glenfarclas whiskey. And as i said it does a small flame, to light stuff up is useless. here This is an specific brand to make those lighten up shots that are just dumb, here in Portugal we have a drink like that called the Dragon ball
  2. mamen963

    Released: Build 28.3

    I don't think whisky burns, I am a frequent whisky drinker and have never ever seen it happen . Whiskey is flamable, just not very potent, usually bottles say that it is flamable.
  3. mamen963

    Released: Build 28.3

    Since fallout i've loved the idea of cannibalism, will there be any kind of cannibalism to get rid and have food from npc bodies? I'm always the evil twisted guy In games <.< EDIT: I aint so twisted as the old forum people were, Those who wanted raped to be implemented or any form of necrophilia or that crazy shit, that was really scary
  4. I think sleeping should be like minecraft, in the way that if all players are sleeping the time speeds up but if only one is it would turn the screen gray with a 80% opacity to indicate its just a nap and u would actually restore some energy.
  5. mamen963

    Make a fire texture for camp-fires

    Why won't you make one? User created content is welcomed in PZ, some features used to be mods!
  6. Only modded, they aren't going to add any special infected, and by animals, they aren't sure. Mods are what take the game content to another level so , get your hands dirty and start making models for it xp
  7. mamen963

    IWBUMS RELEASED - Build 25 v2 - With 3D MODELS!

    Lots of weird falling positions by zombies when pushed
  8. mamen963

    Variable Plot Size and Mixed Seed Plots

    It could be one sprite several "drops" or "loot", doesnt look very hard
  9. mamen963

    Variable Plot Size and Mixed Seed Plots

    HMM, this could be a mod and if the creators like it they'll implement it, one example was farming and tents , all mods that are now part of the game
  10. I don't get why people wan to hack in this game, it takes its identity off
  11. mamen963

    Hamachi Server

    How old are you? 17 What's your name? Rodrigo Rodriguez Why should i let you in? Id like to be part of your group and i think im not a jerk to ppl, and i really love this game What country do you live in? Portugal Do you have Teamspeak? yes Do you have skype? in that case, write your skype name. mamen963 How long have you been playing Project Zomboid? somewhat 3 years i think now ( I speak English, Portuguese and Spanish ( cause im from venezuela xp ) )
  12. mamen963

    Random, Instant death?

    Old age? Heart attack? Chuck Norris?
  13. mamen963

    hamchi server for co-op (2-4 players)

    Need pasword too
  14. Are there be a possibility of this game being ported to other platforms ? Is there any improvement in game-pad usage with the game in the upcoming updates?
  15. mamen963

    Rp server

    My computer barely handles zomboid so me hosting one is a far fetched dream. Althought i would enjoy it