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  1. I disabled all these small mods and I think it worked... It's strange... anyway, thank you so much for advice
  2. I'll try to disable them, but they're updating every time when game gets an update. I have planty of crates, but not so much stuff inside.
  3. Hello, I have an issue. My game freezes and doesn't respond until I close it completely. This happens in my house, almost always on the stairs. I have only three mods. Two of which just change the icons, and the third just adds one line of text, nothing big. I'm playing Sandbox, world was created on last version (41.39), but this has happened before. Also, this was not at the start of IWBUMS, this appeared about a month or two ago. I attach the last log when I froze on the stairs and a screenshot with my house circled on the map. Just in case. Please help me, this issue is quite annoying 30-06-20_19-20-49_DebugLog.txt
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