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  1. What mods are you playing or is it stock? just interested that there is some good entrance.
  2. I want to keep this short simply it happens rare when ever i do try to fullfill a water bottle from sink it doesent gets to 100% it does gets 99%* i thought maybe it was because of my characther drinking at the same time but i dont think so because i do spam it to fullfill but doesent works it bothers me im obsessive with those things it doesent affects gameplay but just wanted to report.
  3. Thanks guys it made its explaining well enough.
  4. First of all please dont mind my english mistakes thanks. I dont know where to start but am i the only one who thinks there are no curtains in places where it should be i mean its common for the bedrooms and the bathrooms ingame but there are of course places where no curtain expect the bathroom it doesent affects gameplay of course but i just wondered there are so less stock curtains for houses in PZ is it only ingame or is there no curtains in real life too expect bathroom,bedroom and so less for Muricans?(yes its so dumb question i just wondered sorry)
  5. its fixed maybe just i pressed hide hud and didnt notice Could you record a video and upload it here, please? It would give us a much clearer idea of what's going on (since I've not seen anyone have this problem...) :i wish i could but i dont have good pc to do it i can record but u will watch at 144 p and its fixed actually it just happened when i downloaded build 41 expect that hud comes now.
  6. Well if npcs gona be added to game i wish there are would be more than armed people walking around like a npc group from small to big can make big or small places and tradeplace at that locations or simply trading with npc i wish to see a big farm with full of people living. (extra: wouldnt be good that we see one npc or more trapped in a place its barricaded but theyre hiding and z bois attacking their walls if we save them we get any little rewards from them or they can join or group even more.I know its a dumb idea)
  7. yes im always on driver seat i thinked im might be doing wrong but i wasnt and btw i didnt press a any keyboard button to hide hud(its fixed when i close game and start again)but its annoying.
  8. First of all sorry for english Whenever i enter a car in new build 41 vehicle hud diseappers im not talking about inventory or top left health craft menu etc the thing in bottom when u enter car it goes i tested on every single car i didnt restart game or anything.(Hope devs got good day)
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