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  1. its fixed maybe just i pressed hide hud and didnt notice Could you record a video and upload it here, please? It would give us a much clearer idea of what's going on (since I've not seen anyone have this problem...) :i wish i could but i dont have good pc to do it i can record but u will watch at 144 p and its fixed actually it just happened when i downloaded build 41 expect that hud comes now.
  2. Well if npcs gona be added to game i wish there are would be more than armed people walking around like a npc group from small to big can make big or small places and tradeplace at that locations or simply trading with npc i wish to see a big farm with full of people living. (extra: wouldnt be good that we see one npc or more trapped in a place its barricaded but theyre hiding and z bois attacking their walls if we save them we get any little rewards from them or they can join or group even more.I know its a dumb idea)
  3. yes im always on driver seat i thinked im might be doing wrong but i wasnt and btw i didnt press a any keyboard button to hide hud(its fixed when i close game and start again)but its annoying.
  4. First of all sorry for english Whenever i enter a car in new build 41 vehicle hud diseappers im not talking about inventory or top left health craft menu etc the thing in bottom when u enter car it goes i tested on every single car i didnt restart game or anything.(Hope devs got good day)
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