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  1. Good that I'm not the only one. It's a pretty annoying bug.
  2. So I had this for a while but now it's pretty annoying. I'm playing at Westpoint,far west of the city in the cabin as you can see I extended the cabin by a little bit. Original size seen with the green border. Red is the extension But it doesn't really count as building,neither does the lighting match as. I thought it would be fixed by adding floors on top of it but that did nothing. As I had added two extra floors to it it still appears to be broken. I still get the same debuff as if I'm standing outside but without rain entering from above. WP.mp4
  3. So I was playing some Project and noticed a bug while building a bridge over a lake. Straight coast are working fine but if it comes to the corner coasts it isn't crossable if a floor is build on it. I even tried building floors around them without luck. I'm happy to help with another screenshot if it's needed
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