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  1. Hi guys - sorry for being a newbie (and a "newsense") but as a very casual gamer who's enjoying PZ a lot, I'd love to see an option to set Kingsmouth (and even the film studio) at Builder mode 😅. It looks and feels so lovely and there are just lots of places to explore (and hole up for a little longer) on the island. After all, it's meant to be a "paradise island" right? So why not give us an option to turn it into a livable resort? AND, being an island, it's likely that you'd eventually run out of resources, and even run out of zeds (it seems strange that they could just spawn on a lonely island surrounded by water)!! I know this is PZ and not Minecraft but I'd just like to have it as a wishlist item, that's all...
  2. I remember receiving something including berries (but very little mushrooms) and a couple of worms/crickets. Perhaps because of the "lucky" trait I had? It's hard to tell really, but I don't want to waste time foraging now that I figured I'd probably yield nothing during Nov - Feb (apart from branches, twigs and stones). Fishing is probably my best bet for winter, besides raiding another town's houses for chips and cans...
  3. Pandorea YOU ROCK!! So, I went back to the lake for some fishing during around 17:30 till around 21:00 and I managed to catch 3 decent-sized fish and a pair of socks!! Yes I used up all my crickets but I had enough worms to get by. See the attached “screenshot” I took with my cellphone for the fishing results. Now I can have something fresh to last me another few days! Now I just need to figure out if foraging is still feasible at all in winter and if so during what times of the day. I just saw the first snow in-game, which was beautiful, so I need to try and survive this... So, it looks like the problem is solved for now. Thanks a lot for your help and patience!
  4. Yes Pandorea I know that the yield during Nov - Feb would be lower than normal, whether for fishing or foraging, but the abundance bar below should show a lower abundance level, not 100% but then not yielding anything at all after hours of fishing/foraging. Immediately before the updates, I did a foraging run (also in November) and I also yielded some berries, mushrooms and crickets. I can try the times you suggested and see if it makes a difference but I seriously doubt it. Skill level-wise, foraging is at 3+ while fishing is at zero. Even at zero, I still managed to find something (even shoes) immediately before the updates. There's too much to lose right now to start a new game. I could just do it for the sake of getting the game to work again. BTW, how do I access saves?
  5. I also like the Fox! But I wonder if keeping a fox around your backyard traps might reduce your chances of trapping squirrels, rabbits, rats, etc., since those little animals are the fox's natural preys. I know that the devs will be introducing Dogs (which are must-haves in a zombie apocalypse) around the time of introducing NPCs, so I think these would add a lot more gameplay elements into PZ - e.g. letting them guard your base; hunt with/for you; defend you from zeds; run away in a panic or if badly hurt; attract zeds through barking; breeding; reduces your mutual unhappiness if you play (tennis) ball with it ... the list goes on and on. Can't wait!
  6. Hello Devs: It looks like Build 41.39 did not address the fishing/foraging issue. I tried it just now and there's still zero yield despite 100% abundance. Would you please let me know what other information or files you need so that you could check out and fix the issue? It also looks like I'm the only one on this forum with this weird bug and maybe that's why it's not getting the attention it needs. I've come a long way to have built this character up to what she is now and there's so much more she could do going forward. I'd much rather have her die from being eaten by a zombie horde (perhaps due to my own stupidity) than from starvation caused by a bug in the game!
  7. Hello Devs: To show you what I mean above, please check out the following link to a video I created to show you the buggy fishing issue. Please enjoy while you figure out a solution for me (this is more pressing than the car blood texture issue):
  8. Hello all: After playing PZ (Build 41) for a while, which I really like, I'm wondering if it's possible to add in the following items in future builds. I'm sure someone may have already requested for them so if that's the case, please treat this post as my personal support for these requests! - silencers! (in vanilla, not mods) - whether craftable or lootable, and even for a small percentage of noise reduction - I know this makes guns overly powerful and many people don't like it, but it's better than leaving them guns and ammo around in my crates doing nothing for fear of attracting hordes. It would probably be best to have them if and when "animal hunting" is introduced. - more sprites showing vehicle doors / trunks / hoods being open/closed. It's annoying to find out that the trunk door remains open while the vehicle is in motion - makes me fear that items may become lost in the process without me knowing it. Also, vehicles with open doors either shouldn't move or move a lot slower than normal. - recycling of empty cans - currently, I don't see any use of these empty tin cans or pop cans other than as trash that could only be "deleted" from garbage bins. It would be great if we could recycle these items and either turn them into craftable things like perimeter alarms or hand-thrown bombs, or used as base materials for metal sheets, metal pipes/bars, etc.. Of course, a certain level of skills (in say, metalworks, trapping or something else) may be required to craft these, but that just makes some of the under-used skills relevant again. - animals that can produce (and be) food, like chickens (eggs), cows (milk) or goats (milk) (and the fresh milk can also be made into fresh cheese or yogurt). Make them rare so that players could choose carefully whether to hunt them outright for food or grab them and put them into chicken houses / backyards. They could also be eaten by zeds if found, but putting them into appropriate structures could greatly reduce the noise they produce and thus give them better protection from zeds. They probably need some food like chickenfeed or grass before they could produce anything (or they could die from starvation too). Yes I know that birds eggs can be foraged too but finding chickens could be nice too! Sorry for being a bit unrealistic (especially for veteran players/devs who like the game to be more challenging), but I just hope I won't get flamed for making these suggestions. Thanks again for your attention!
  9. Hello Devs: I'm new to this forum but not so new to PZ. Bought it years ago but only recently restarted playing it after learning about Build 41, and I'm enjoying it a lot! Thanks for your great work! I'm on vanilla Build 41.38 (absolutely no mods added), playing a previous save from Build 41.37 (which was updated to 41.38). I'm playing the Builder mode (which, btw, is still very hard for me), and my character happens to have survived till early November and still going strong. Everything in 41.37 was fine until after the 41.38 update, when I noticed the following issues: - I regularly forage and fish and used to receive decent loot even during early November. However, immediately after the update, all foraging and fishing yielded ZERO loot even if the abundance bar still shows up as (and remains frozen at) 100%. There was once when I went to a lake which showed only 41% abundance, but when I starting fishing there again, it jumped back to 100% but it just won't come down and doesn't yield anything (not even shoes!!)! I also had "lucky" trait but after hours of in-game time, with my character becoming ridiculously tired, the forests and lakes just won't give me ANYTHING AT ALL! What happened there? Was it because I'm into November and so there's no yield? I thought it should only reduce my yield during winter, not completely wipe it out, no? (and I'm not even into December yet!) - I saw that some of the updates for 41.38 related to blood dirtying cars, but after the update the existing vehicles looked undamaged. I had a car which had its front windscreen previously looking smashed (and it was already at flashing red condition (<10%)), but after 41.38 it stopped looking like it was smashed and I had almost forgotten that it was smashed until I checked the vehicle mechanics again and there it was flashing red again. Something relating to the texturing of the vehicles must have gone terribly wrong! I prefer seeing smashed/scratched windows, doors and hoods so as to visually display the vehicle conditions, but having the occasional blood spots on the car would be a nice addition if it doesn't replace the textures completely. It would be great if you could fix these issues, or at least let me know what I've done (or thought) wrong, thank you!
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