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  1. Bump: So far playing and going through QUITE a few vehicles I've not crashed, seems to have fixed the issue I was having.
  2. Downloaded the file you gave me and replaced the one in my directory with yours, will bump the thread with the results.
  3. Here is the debuglog.txt, managed to recreate the glitch again. 20-06-20_23-26-05_DebugLog.txt
  4. Of course! After all isn't that why we're playing build 41 in the first place? Here are the three logs that showed up after running the bat file, I hope one of these is what you need. I was able to easily recreate the bug by enabling vehicles again, as soon as I tried to render one, I crashed. 20-06-20_22-18-34_DebugLog.txt 20-06-20_22-19-47_client chat Bob.txt 20-06-20_22-20-26_ZombieSpawn.txt
  5. I think a lot of the bugs that are going to spring up are going to be rooted in whatever changes they made to the vehicles to allow the blood stuff to work. I couldn't even play my game because it would crash upon loading vehicles, and for some reason those who experience not being able to zoom in or out can sometimes resolve the problem by disabling vehicles in custom sandbox.
  6. Sorry for the bump but I've fixed the problem, quite interesting if I say so myself. Turns out that starting a game with vehicles disabled not only fixes the crash issue for me, it also resolved NOT BEING ABLE TO ZOOM OUT for me as well. I think there are a lot of bugs tied to the changes that were done to vehicles to add blood decals to them, as disabling vehicles literally fixed every bug I had including the crashes that made it unplayable.
  7. I don't have any mods that change vehicles installed, but I will disable all mods and unsub from the workshop and try to start a new game that way. Alright, unsubbed from all mods and loaded in, started a fresh game and the same issue happened, about 2 minutes in and I crash. I went ahead and uploaded the updated logs.zip as well. logs.zip
  8. Here it is. I'm running windows 7, I have tried running it in combatability mode with no luck. My system is as follows to the best of my memory: windows 7 4 gigs of ram AMD Radeon 6600m GPU Intel i5 2430m CPU @ 2.40 GHz I know it's a toaster of a computer but before build 41.38 I could play for hours on end without a single hiccup. logs.zip
  9. Not sure what's going on, but my game ran perfectly fine before this latest update to build 41, now I think I've narrowed it down but basically here is what happens: It seems that whenever I exit a house and start moving, especially when the game tries to spawn in a bunch of zombies or zombies are chasing me, the game will instantly crash, sound will still be going but the screen completely greys out and windows closes it because it stops responding, this happened everytime, on every combination of gameplay I can do. With mods, without mods, custom sandbox, apoc, survival, builder, everything. The game as it currently is, is completely unplayable to me now, and this only started occuring with the absolute latest update.
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