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  1. Had the same problem and it was fixed after update, when "new world" initializing again. Try to downgrade or maybe someone will help you to run this "initialization" whith console
  2. I think vehicle menu and hide hud is the same button "V" by default. So maybe that's is
  3. Its sort of ok, instakill whith fences/windows ain't good at all
  4. Has been fixed whith IWBUMS 41.38 release i didn't find it in bug fix notes so, maybe, problem solving itself when save "updating" to new patch? Can be closed after official respond.
  5. Any solution to recover my save, guys?
  6. that one specific, save was made while a sleep
  7. aswel as a shirts and bags for 1kg, so this numbers it's more like Weight x Volume formula
  8. Same happen once to me, but whith a firearm, just get locked in aim mode and horde ate a three 2 month survivor upd. I clearly do remember that happened to me on version when backstab knife kill was involved ( whith hand rising animation )
  9. https://youtu.be/Md6Dvxdr0AQ?t=125 idea at 2:05 So hordes will be able to raid on 2d floor "sledgehammer" bases, car blocked spaces, fences.
  10. Ain't that trait mean that you sleep longer, but not tired faster?
  11. https://youtu.be/vSla5uGj94k console.txt IWBMS current last version, no mods. Custom sandbox settings, was set a real time game hours, game was finished while speeping. After loading, right after click seems world can't be loaded. Error 1 in red square right bottom. I-7 4700hq 2.4ghz, 8gb ram, nvidia 860m
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