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  1. Windows 7 x64 latest updates i3770 970gtx 16gb 2133mhz ram after update i ecountered random shutters and fps drops. From 60 to 20 and etc. Before update there were no such problem.
  2. Recreate the cell? Just to change some details in one building? Wtf? This is not user friendly editor
  3. I cant understand how open existing map and edit it. None of the tutorials i saw explains that. They all about creating NEW maps not about editing game ones. If you have this tutorial please send a link to me
  4. Hello. I searched forums and didnt find any answer to my question - i want change only ONE house in map of West point but i have no idea how to edit this map or even open it in editor? I dont want to create my own map, i just want change one house and that all. Can you pelase explain me how to do that?
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