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    I think there needs to be a roaming horde setting that can be modified in sandbox. In urban zombie distribution the zombies all stay in cities and urban areas and that's that, they sit there and rot and the only danger you have is when you go into those areas, meaning that when you're at home you've got nothing to fear unless you lead the zombies back to your home, whereas in the uniform distribution they're evenly spread throughout the map but once you clear out an area around your home they won't respawn until the time has passed in the settings, meaning that it's also very boring without risk unless you once again lead them back to your base, I've had multiple gameplays on both urban and uniform settings and I find myself becoming incredibly bored with building a fortress out in the woods or even near a city and then going into a city and dying because there's giant hordes there and you become incredibly outnumbered with no escape or even just walking through the land around me and being ambushed by a group of them and you're surrounded. I feel that a horde distribution system would work amazingly well as either a 3rd option or a possible addon/setting for the urban and uniform distributions where players can edit this in the sandbox to their own personal preferences e.g horde sizes, how likely they are to travel to/near the players location, warning signs that they're in the distance/getting closer E.G noticing a bad smell like the rotten flesh or even being able to hear them, it would give players a more thrilling experience at home where they'd have 3 choices, Run, fight or try to hide and not only that it would help give players with the engineer perk the ability to use some of their skills, on top of that a variety of new weaponry, traps and defenses could be made to really implement this and make it even cooler E.G bear traps, land mines from the military base which would probably require a manual to operate, diffuse and arm, spike traps, traps that can be set up to fall on zombies or set them alight and chop them up, the ability to make deadfall traps like logs tied up in trees where you could cut the rope or even like moats/ ditches you could dig around your base, the possibilities are endless and this would be an excellent addition to an already great game that is constantly expanding, most of these things wouldn't take much work to put in, like the bear traps could break legs or trap zombies and if there's a crawler there could be a 50% chance of killing it and a 50% chance of trapping it as the trap could snap shut on either its head or a limb/ body part, barbed wire could be rolled out to slow the zombies down as well as the ability to fortify walls with spikes sticking out of either wood or metal, metal having a higher durability, once again the possibilities here are absolutely endless and this would open up a whole new type of gameplay where NOWHERE is safe forever, like on my current I'm within a minutes walk of a lot of urban housing, a couple minutes drive from a small community and only a minute after that from the mall/ retail park and for nearly two in-game months I've had ONE zombie attack my base with my zombie count on very high and uniform distribution (Which seems like it's messed up because there's possibly a thousand zombies in the mall even after killing atleast 3-400 with molotovs) and it's just incredibly boring, the most intense thing I have to do on a day to day basis is not crash my car or run over too many zombies, lure a bunch of the undead out of the mall and make them walk through fire and eventually die out. I personally believe this being added to the game as an optional distribution setting/setting within one of the distributions would spice the game up a considerable amount, like with urban zombies they could start off in the cities sure, but eventually large groups could move out and travel the country side/other cities (This could be edited in the settings as to when/how like with electricity and water running out can be changed with different months as well as how likely they are to actually head in the players direction, where they go and why they travel etc) and either pick up more zombies on the way/merge with other hordes and grow considerably in size, of course you'd want to leave a fair amount in the cities to keep it feeling risky but then it also means that staying at home is risky, it also helps boost usage of other items already in the game like the pipe bombs, noise makers, alarm clocks, spotlights and other probably very useful things that I can't remember.
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