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  1. Here's one example of me pulling a trash can through a door: https://clips.twitch.tv/WittyAthleticHerbsJebaited I've also been able to pull generators through high fences. I know this is something that folks won't complain about but it is cheesy and if it needs to be patched then here's an example of it.
  2. I tried to shave my hair down to look my best during the apocalypse, but noticed that some hair dye must have got left behind. Clip of the haircut I only think that happened because I dyed his hair at some point earlier in his life.
  3. Directed here by Beard, My first bug report on the website. Bug:) you can get an 'error' message in the bottom right when you are inspecting one item of clothing and then try to inspect another without closing the first item's box. Feature? ) During heavy rains when water is still on I would get tainted water through the faucets (I think this is a cool feature) and then after the rains it would go back to being untainted. Either way they aren't game breaking but thought they were neat.
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