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  1. I'm aware you're playing on iwbums, you stated so in your first post. But your logs have .ini files from both Necroforge and ORGM, which is why I said it was a semi-educated guess. I'd advise you to reinstall the game fresh and see if you still have the same problem.
  2. A semi-educated guess would be to turn off your mods and try again. As far as I can tell necroforge isn't updated for 41.xx yet, so that might be causing the crashes. Or orgm, since that doesn't seem to be updated either.
  3. Hello! Sorry if this have been reported, tried searching for it but couldn't find anything. The bug is quite simple, if you have tainted water in a bucket or cooking pot and pour it into another one and stop before you finish pouring everything, the water in the previously empty container will be clean. I've only tested this with water bucket and cooking pots, but I imagine it works with other things that can hold water.
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