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  1. Fixing and adding various little things is very cool, but the multiplayer game is so lacking that the gap is already starting The new context menu is very convenient for playing from the controller, the fact that the watch now has weight and is visually visible on the hand is very cool, thanks for the nice little things. The shadow under the corpses rushes strongly into the eyes, please make it smaller or remove it as before, apparently only in new worlds you can use the boiler, that is, pour water into it, in my save from 41.39 I cannot pour water into the boiler unfortunately I apologize in advance that on the screenshot everything is in Russian (it may not be clear to you), but still, the boiler is already empty, but it shows that there is 100% I think this is the last edit. In general, it is suitable, as it seems to me, the game began to go better, but the shadows under the corpses (I'm not sure about this) seem to create lags, sags to 30 or even 25 sometimes
  2. I also encountered such a problem once, we played with a friend via Remote Play, and as a result, he left, leaving the character to sleep, and I played for my own and later cut the way out, not knowing about this problem.
  3. Would it not be difficult to make the damage done to the car even less? Well, this is somehow not cool, hit 1 zombie at a low speed (backwards) and damaged the trunk with a capacity of 90 to a capacity of 40 !!! It would be very good if the collision seriously damaged the engine, and not from a blow to the zombies! It would be cool having a certain metalworking skill to make some kind of armor on a car. Take note if not difficult. It’s one thing when you use the machine in the "Builder" or "Apocalypse" mode, but it’s completely different when these are the modes of the type: "6 months later", "It’s just not your day." It’s impossible not to “kill” the car, even 2-3 zombies can seriously affect the health of any part and the general condition of the car. As for the armor, I think the idea is still cool. There will be an opportunity - please implement. Thank you in advance, your player AlexRus123
  4. To be honest, the function with inventory when you play on the controller is not very convenient, we have been playing with a friend for so long through Remote play. Previously, it was much faster to loot, but now you need to get used to the new inventory management and this is not convenient. Thank you very much for adding menus in places like a gas stove and microwave, it remains to somehow make it possible to open the trunk while playing on the controller. It would be great if inventory control was returned through the controller as in 41.36 well, or the ability to configure container switching.
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