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  1. I'm on the Steam version, which is in the title. Checking my client again, it still says v40.43. If it was fixed in v41, then that hasn't apparently been distributed to Steam just yet outside of experimental builds.
  2. When a zombie is knocking against a window, there doesn't seem to be any good way to stop it aside from hitting it to knock it down and force it out of that action cycle. This means any window a zombie is attracted to must always be considered broken because swinging a weapon to hit the zombie also breaks the glass even if the player is facing away from the window during the attack. The problem this creates is a new character cannot dream of putting supplies in any house for very long since barricades aren't an option at first. Suggested solution: make zombies tapping on windows/doors react to noise and smells around them. Make them willing to change their current action when fresh tasty brains are near them on their side of the window or door on which they're tapping.
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