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  1. I like the idea of not knowing what kind of zeds I'm going to be up against on a new run. While some of the fields can be set to random, a few others cannot. Specifically I'd like to allow random as a selection for Memory, Sight, Hearing, Smell and Day/Night Active. Not sure how hard this would be, or where to look to mod this myself.
  2. IWBUMS 41.36: 40 hours in and I switched to controller (PS4), I find it plays SO much better then K&M, though I am predominantly a console gamer. This is especially true for vehicle handling One thing I've noticed, which would be a great QoL improvement when driving in a vehicle, is to allow panning with just moving the right thumbstick, without having to hold the R1/RightBumper button, it seems superfluous and totally awkward. In light of this change, I would also suggest moving the brake from Circle/RedButton to the L1/LeftBumper. This alone would help greatly with driving at higher speeds and seeing those car wrecks and sharp turns before its too late. Thanks! and phenomenal work on this project so far, it really is impressive!
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